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Breaking…Dungeons And Dragons On The Bench??? Oh, My….

nopetersonJudge Clark A Peterson plays Dungeons and Dragons while on the Bench???? Hearing cases?????

If this is true, we cannot tolerate that behavior!  This from the Vote No on Judge Clark A. Peterson Facebook Page:

“LOOK EVERYONE! We made the Spokesman Review again!!! Twice in one week! ”


“We need your help! “Vote NO to “Demon Lord Judge Peterson” facebook is catching on with folks all over. The Spokesman-Review has done 3 articles on us in the last week. We are organizing a picket of the Kootenai County Courthouse Wednesday, November 2 at 9:00 am with TV news coverage. The Coeur d’Alene Press is looking into a possible article on us. We still need to get word out to EVERYONE in Kootenai County. 51% of the vote will get him out! We can send flyers to 97% of homes in the county via the Press if we can scrape the cash together. The cost is in the thousands. ANY amount will help. Can you spare $5, $10, or a larger amount? The link is here: ”

Grrrrr…got our blood boiling today….

Judges are required to avoid even the appearance of impropriety! This just blows propriety out of the water!

Think this conduct is unacceptable from a Judge? Let’s make this go viral!!! Share this post with friends and post to Facebook!

Back to sleep now….us anyway…until next year…subject to breaking news, of course!