Monthly Archives: March 2012

All we can say is…WOW!

If you missed The Lincoln Day fete at the C’dA Resort, you missed the event of the year!

Packed house…mainstream Republicans all… gave Sheriff Mack waves of enthusiastic applause and a standing ovation!  So much for division!  Sheriff Mack is a great man, a patriotic American and a hero of the Constitution!

We’re off to the Lincoln Day Dinner!

…with the rest of the real Republicans.  In the mean time, enjoy this political comment on Doo-ane’s favorite Liberal Blog…HBO

Can someone send us a higher quality copy and we’ll post it?!

Speaking of Spencer…Dear Dan Green…

Do you really want people to take Spencer seriously?

An 8 million dollar parking garage?  Say it ain’t so!

Sign idea for Spencer…. “Larry Spencer…because government is drunk!”

Note to Larry… Get a haircut…you may actually win!


Uncle Jeff’s idiots guide for idiot voters…

The Reagan Republicans, who are neither remotely Reganesque, nor Republican, have released their idiots guide for voters, (aka endorsements) as in “Vote for these guys because your an idiot and it will keep Jeff Ward off the welfare lines!”

So now it’s official, the Sheriff’s race comes down to…. John Green vs. Jeff Ward (Sorry Ben, everyone knows you’re a Democrat!) If Green wins, bye bye, Strategery.

Why would Uncle Jeff pick the least qualified horse to back in this race?  Well, I guess Keith had the 5K to pony up (pun intended) for Jeff to saddle up…

Note to Keith…think before you speak…if you lose, you still gotta work dude! (Remember, you’re young and you’ve already lost two horse races…what were you saying about Green losing something? Don’t be a pot…or a kettle!),,,Hey, didn’t Spencer use that line today?


No, we have not been on vacation….

…we just don’t know where to begin!

So much good liberal pick-ins our head is spinning!

Check back tomorrow!