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Mendive Is Our Man…

…because it is our opinion  that he is the most conservative candidate in the District 3A Legislative race!

We know, without a doubt, that Ron Mendive is Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty and Pro-Pursuit of Happiness!  He’ll make a great team with Bob Nonini and Jack Schroeder in bringing a solid Conservative voice to District 3A.

For more information visit Ron’s web site at:

Ron & Sherlene Mendive...a Class Act!

There you go, our blog, our opinion, our voice and we didn’t spend a penny of our money (or anyone else’s) to get it said!


But what about this guy, you may ask?:

Jeff Tyler - Treasurer of KCRRVF-M, Chairman of KCRRVF, VP of KCRR...Huh?

We can’t support Jeff Tyler because he has too many questions to answer about the irregular situation that is coming to light regarding the “Reagan Republicans”.  Jeff, what were you thinking? This whole treasurer, chairman, vice-president thing, just doesn’t pass the “smell test.” You should clear it up…or clear out! That’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it!

Open Mouth…Insert Foot…

…apparently “Hutch” is good at that…

On the suggestion of DFO, we’ve been watching John Green’s Facebook page and found the video below…

Now we know why Sheriff Richard Mack supports John Green and why DFO and Uncle Jeff support the “Hutch”… watch the video and judge for yourself.

Note from Chester:  Wait until you see how “Hutch” put his foot in his mouth last Friday at the Republican Party Forum!  We’ll have that up soon!

The Shell Game: Show Me The Money…

…because it’s always interesting to follow the trail! Here is the short version of “The Shell Game”. (More to follow)

Did you or anyone you know donate money to the “Reagan Republicans”?  If so, where did your money go? How many candidates did your money help and how much did they get?

We’re following the money and our full report will be out soon, but you may be interested to know that:

On their 2011 Post General Sunshine Report the “Reagan Republican Victory Fund –Municipal” (Jeff Ward, Treasurer, Jeff Tyler, Chairman) …shows “Contributions” $8,000. Of those funds guess how much went to candidates?

If you guessed $2275 you’d get the prize. Seven candidates got $375 each…WOW, we bet that made the difference!  Also shown on that report is that $710 went to “The Strategery Group” owned by Jeff Ward, et al….

Where’s the rest of the money and where did it come from? Well, it came from the “Reagan Republican Victory Fund” (Jeff Tyler, Treasurer, Jeff Ward, Chairman)…as to the where it went, conspiring minds want to know!  (Any thoughts Doo-ane? Aren’t you their lawyer?)

Now on to the big dough!  On their 2011 Annual Sunshine Report, the “Reagan Republican Victory Fund” (Jeff Tyler, Treasurer, Jeff Ward, Chairman) showed $22,577 in “Contributions”. Of those funds guess how much went to candidates?

If you guessed $0…yes, that’s a big fat ZERO…you’d get the prize…the little prize, because the big prize goes to the real beneficiaries of the “Victory Fund”… the incredible…the amazing…wait for it…wait for it…

THE STRATEGERY GROUP, INC (Jeff Ward, et al)…who got a whopping $8,054.70!!! Woo Hoo! Way to go guys, what a score!!! You did a great job of getting that money to deserving Republican Candidates…NOT!

Note from our own Chester the Chuckleberry Jester:

“If I had been silly enough to give money to the guys pretending to be the Reagan Republicans, I’d be demanding a refund! I’d send my demand to Jeff Ward a/k/a “The Strategery Group”, which is the alter ego of the “Reagan Republican Victory Fund(s)” at 5180 E. Seltice Way #C, Post Falls, ID 83854.” (Chester is not a real person folks, but he has a good point!)

Hello, C’dA Press, are you awake?

Note from Chester:  “A journalist, a journalist, my kingdom for a journalist!”  (With apologies to Willie!)

Breaking! Reagan Republicans To Endorse…

Phil Hart, Vito Barbieri, Mark Eberlein, John Green, Ron Mendive, Jack Schroeder, Don Gary, Jeff Ames!


Green Wins Cd’A Press Poll For Sheriff…

Not that it’s scientific or anything, but hey, a win is a win…

See it at:  (copy paste into your browser…we don’t like live links)

Anyone attend the Republican Forum at Candlelight Fellowship Friday night?

Catch it on the Republican Party web site at soon

Anyone who votes for “Hutch” after watching his performance need serious professional help!

By the way “Hutch” you should quit telling everyone that you quit the tribe to run for Sheriff. Truth be told they wouldn’t have you back because of the insensitive comment you made to the Wall Street Journal about Hispanics and Tribal members…ooops, bet you were hoping that didn’t come up…Sorry “Hutch” but we have to save you from yourself! The full story will be appearing soon. (And while your at it, quit taking credit for stuff Tom Cronin did as Chief…that’s just not nice Keith!)

Coming Up This Week:  New revelations about the “Reagan Republicans”- Strategery Cabal and part two of our story “The Shell Game”