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Waaaaaaaaaaa, Waaaaaaaa…

…They can dish it, but they don’t like the taste!







Well, the Whiney Babies over at HBO are feeling a little blue over our “Outing”. So much so that DooFo has resorted to calling for a little retaliatory HARASSMENT!

Since HBO fans are not known for their smarts we thought it might be helpful for them if we provided them with a bit of a start on their “legal research”….

So…DooFers…we direct your attention to the Idaho Code excerpts below…

And the trail’s gone cold…

For a group that continually downs anyone that believes in a conspiracy, HBO’s “group think” machine sure spins some wild conspiracy theories.

Upset that some names previously unknown to people outside their insignificant clique have been released, they have ventured on a non-stop drool battle to the death…DooFers battling DooFers.  In their nosing around they think they’ve figured us out…course they can’t seem to agree which wrong turn to take.  Gee aren’t they smart.

Take our word for it…colder than a penguin’s feet in the dead of winter.  Maybe you should ask Fade-rust…he thinks he knows.

Thanks to our berry squishers for monitoring HBO.

Chester the Jester

Let the Outing Continue, part II

In our continuing guide to all things at Huckleberries Online, here is part two in our three part series. 

Vote on the CDA Press Poll

Let your voice be heard and vote on the CDA Press Poll.  The question up for vote is whether Tina Jacobson should pursue a lawsuit against Linda Cook.

Stay tuned for the release of HBO posters II early in the morning!

Chester the Jester

Jabba the Repub


Hey Uncle Jeff dared us.  A dedicated Berry Squisher sent this, along with this note: