Monthly Archives: October 2012

Don’t worry, we’re still here!

Rumors have been circulating as to what has become of Chuckle Berries Online.  No we’re not dead, and no we’re running scared from DooFo’s police report filed in July (Pah-lease).

Like most North Idahoans the CBO team has been busy with family and work. In between we’ve been gathering intel on the shady con-men and rif-raf that have polluted the political waters of the area…which means we’ve got a lot of info to share.

Stay tuned….

Chester, Jester, and Pester

There’s plenty of water folks

An oft repeated lie by the supports of the proposed land use code is they’re protecting the aquifer from running dry.  People fresh here from out of state and even some long time residents nod in agreement, not knowing they’ve been hoodwinked by the Land Use Czars.