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Legislature 2013 – Freshman Class Review…

… Short and to the point, we’ll update at the end of the term…



First Glance:

Ron has quickly solidified his reputation as a man of principle. He ran for the house vowing to represent the citizens of his district with an eye toward every true Republicans stance on limited government, lower taxes and individual responsibility.  So far, he’s kept his word.

Lincoln Day Wrap Up – And A Good Time Was Had By All…

…Well, most anyway.  The Real Republicans had a blast!


Lot’s of folks were very happy to see Phil Hart in attendance and sitting with his good friends, John and Elizabeth Green.  Phil had a rousing welcome from many folks who came up to thank him for his hard work toward freedom, liberty and justice in America.  Our prediction is that one day, Phil will be recognized for the Hero that he is and we know him to be!

So then…we don’t want to rain on any parades…yet…so here’s the Good Stuff!

Don’t Forget The Lincoln Day Dinner Tonight…

…we’ll be there…although we wish they would change the name!

It will be interesting to see who’s not there…won’t it Uncle Jeff!


Someone please keep Chester away from the Spell Checker!  It’s “speeches”, not “speaches”…sheesh…who’s smarter than a third grader!

Attention Doo-ane…Chester is not part of the Lincoln Day Dinner Committee…so don’t get excited…we were kidding! (Oh and by the way, in case you hadn’t noticed…WE’RE BACK!)


Why The National GOP is Doomed…[Updated]

…because stupid people keep electing stupid “Republicans”, like Lindsey Graham!


Question: Does the “President” have authority to kill non-combatant Americans on U.S. soil?

Answer by Sen. Lindsay Graham: “I do not believe that question deserves an answer”

Be afraid…be very afraid!

Way to go all you Liberals out there who took Graham to task…all NONE of you!


This just in…with thanks to Sen. Rand Paul… the Liar in Chief’s chief liar just sent an answer to the question posed by Senator Rand Paul R-KY:


In other news…Sen. Lindsey “Bozo” Graham, R-S.C., criticized Paul for posing the question. “I find the question offensive,” he said on the Senate floor this morning.

We’ll all sleep better now…won’t we? (How about it Gressler? You’ll sleep better knowing that BO claims he won’t allow his World Wide Drone Lovefest to blast Idahoans to oblivion…won’t you?)

Coming Next Week…Freshman Legislative Review…Reports on Mendive, Malek and Morse….stay tuned!

Chaos All Around…

…or is there?

Happy Thomas Aquinas Day!


The following message of encouragement was written by Chester…NOT!

A guy much smarter than us once wrote…

There was in the thirteenth century a philosopher to whom the sight of the world did not give nausea, but a joy ever new, because he saw in it only order and beauty. Man did not seem to him a Sisyphus hopelessly condemned to the liberty of the absurd, for he read in his own heart the clear law of practical reason. On all sides, within as well as without, a single and self-same light enlightens the understanding and regulates things, for the spirit which is found in them reconstructs them in the mind according to the order of the same creative intelligibility. This harmony of thought and reality which in our time Einstein describes as the most incomprehensible of mysteries, does not astonish our philosopher, for he knows its source — that same God Whose pure existence is at the origin of all reality as well as of all knowledge. And what is liberty for created man, unless it be to accept himself lovingly, even as his Creator wants and loves him? What is it to act as a free man unless it be to regulate the will according to reason, and reason itself according to the divine law?