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Goofy? Well…if the shoe fits…


Balance North Idaho’s new mascot

balanceNote from Chester: We love the art getting churned out by this local artist, he’s sent us several more images to use. Don’t know if it’s coincidence or not, but the fellow (gal???) on the left slightly resembles DooFo!

Beware of the Mainstream Media: Few, If Any, Americans Trust Them

MediaOwnershipConsolidationIn a recent Gallup Poll, June 13, 2013, over three quarters of respondents said they did not trust mainstream newspapers.  Twenty three percent said they “had confidence” in newspapers indicating that 77% of Americans do not trust the newspapers. 

Luke Malek, a Man of the People

From a new feature we’ve added to Chuckle Berries, artwork by local artists highlighting issues affecting North Idahoans. Enjoy.


Countdown…The New and Improved Chuckleberries Launches…

JULY 4TH, 2013!