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An answer to Steve Widmyer’s supporters.

puppetSeems as though we struck a nerve with some supporters of Steve Widmeyer.  While most of the comments are of a similar vein, one of the more interesting comments was from a, located somewhere in Coeur d’Alene. Upon reading it, there was debate whether to post it or throw it out with the rest of the “don’t hurt Precious”, oops we mean don’t hurt Steve.  After thinking it over, we decided this comment is going to be used as an example to illustrate how some people will always be Lemmings, no matter what the weight of the evidence, contrary to their cause.

What Strategery Has Tax Liens Too?

wardlahrAs shocked and dismayed as we were to hear of Uncle Jeff’s tax liens (heavy sarcasm), now comes word that The Stategery Group is in deep water too. Filed on June 12th and July 23rd of this year, to the tune of $2855.67 for this round of liens. Seems little things like withholding tax and workman’s compensation insurance are big things to the state of Idaho.

About Steve Widmyer, Candidate for Coeur d’Alene Mayor

kingstevewidmyerThe bottom feeders at Huckleberries Online are stirring into a frenzy over Steve ‘Eagle Eye’ Widmyer’s announcement to run for CDA mayor.  Since Liberals and their crazy antics make us laugh, we thought we’d take time to look into this mayoral candidate and his affiliations.

To begin, the CDA Press made mention Steve is a business and property owner, but they leave it at that. What is the extent of Steve’s business holdings, and how can that help or hurt his chances in the mayoral race?

The Tax Liens of Jeff Ward

unclejeffIt seems we’ve struck a nerve with a post made a few weeks back concerning Uncle Jeff Ward’s tax problems. His minions have scoffed at us, claiming the great and powerful statist Uncle Jeff could never stoop as low to have tax problems. Well folks, they say the proof is in the pudding–and it looks like Jeff has a heaping pot full.  Below you’ll find a screenshot of two current tax liens for Uncle Jeff, one in the amount of $2,686.33 and the other for $1,621.07 (Click to make larger).