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Tim Herzog…Doo-in it agin!!!!

Our first headline read:  Tim Tips To Team Tondee…

But we though that might not be fair (funny though, huh?) On the other hand, we’re looking at this through the light of Reason and the knowledge that one definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again and EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT!!!

We’re just sayin Tim….

Or maybe you really do just want to see Todd Tondee elected again?

Conspiring minds want to know Tim…they just want to know!

Disco Dave


With candidates gearing up for the upcoming primary election, Disco Dave and his cohorts are busy begging Democrats to register as Republicans. Why you might ask? To keep true conservative candidates out of office.

Stay tuned as we get ready for the election season. And a hearty thanks to Moriarty from Huckle-gag-berries Online for the inspiration. Disco Dave…snicker…snicker…we love it. And a big thanks for the berry-squisher that alerted us to the thread and kindly sent this photo. Job well done.