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If Doo-Fo and his Huckster Minions would stop obsessing about Matt Shea…

…they could worry about more important things…like The Biggest Secret, below…

Hey Doo-Fo, when the financial Fit Hits The Shan, the piddling little salary you get for burbling up snippets of Huckster trivia will dry up like a Bundy cow pie in the desert.

Don’t you think your time would be better spent joining the conservatives and trying to stop the financial madness that has enveloped the country????

No? We didn’t think so…seems your brittle little ego needs the attention you get as you burble, as evidenced by the putrid comments that spew from your minions….

Hey, do Joker and Phaedrus and the Druid chick wear the nifty little Minion goggles????


The Biggest Secret About Banking Has Just Gone Mainstream

NIPAC Announces Its Statist Endorsements…Or Stupid…

…is as stupid does!

Brad Corkhill and his Merry Band of Republican Pretenders have announced their “endorsements” for this years election cycle.

The Hucksters love these guys!

Here they are:

•Idaho Legislature:

District 2: House Seat A — Barak Obama, House Seat B — Barak Obama; District 3: Senate — Barak Obama, House Seat A — Barak Obama, House Seat B — Barak Obama; District 4: Senate — Barak Obama, House Seat A — Barak Obama, no endorsement for House Seat B; District 7: House Seat A — Barak Obama

•County Courthouse:

County Commissioner — The ULUC Lover, Clerk — Some Old Guy, Treasurer — Not Steve Matheson, Assessor — Mike McDowell.


Governor —The Yodeling Porn Star, Lt. Gov. — Little Brad Glad Hand Little, Attorney General — Lawrence “You don’t have no stinking gun rights”  Wasden, Controller — Who cares, and Supreme Court — Horton Hears a Who

Ok, so we’re kidding just a tad, but one Statist is as good as the next, right Corkscrew?

What NIPAC is really telling us is that everything is roses and we need more of the same! (Just like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the Cabal. All we need to do is get rid of a few real Republicans!)

Shame on NIPAC!

We calls it like we sees it!

Til Monday,


Hey Chuckleheads!…Free Stuff!!!!…













We love free stuff!!!!

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Will Grigg Nails It…Again! (This ought to put the HBO Hucksters Knickers in a Knot!)

For Progressives, “Thoughtcrime” is Worse than Mass Murder

As any reasonably well-informed attorney knows, if a police officer follows a driver long enough he will witness a violation that supposedly justifies a traffic stop. Once this happens, the officer will “build the stop” by seeking a pretext to search the vehicle for evidence of violations that can lead to an arrest of the driver, or seizure of the vehicle and its contents.

Cliven Bundy, among others, can testify that Regime-oriented journalism operates in a very similar fashion: Have a reporter from the New York Times shadow a 67-year-old Mormon rancher from southeastern Nevada long enough, and eventually the subject will say something that offends current sensibilities about race. To be specific, Bundy used retrograde racial terminology in musing aloud about the damage done to the black family by the Welfare State—which he suggested might be as evil, in some ways, as the odious institution of chattel slavery.

Mr. Bundy is unusually media-savvy for a rancher, but he doesn’t speak in sound-bites. He wasn’t lamenting the fact that black Americans are no longer required to pick cotton for other people who supposedly “own” them, but that the modern welfare state has cultivated dependency, undermined the family, and helped to bring about both the a stratospherically high incarceration rate for black men and a shockingly high abortion rate for black unborn children (a development he wouldn’t lament if he genuinely hated black people).

Wholly Out Maneuvered Batman!… What’s a Roetter to do????











Waaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaa, I’ve been outmaneuvered by a by a dame!

…(Way to go Jennifer!)


(Fake Overheard Conversation)…..

Matt: Curses…10 Years of Audit… Now what are we gonna do?

Doo-ane: Worry not! I will denounce them!  It’s a cover-up! A cover up I tell you!