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Will Grigg owes C’dA Police an Apology…

For confusing them with the 2 Moaps posing as (did we say posing…sorry, they really are) KCSO Deputies who appear in this disgraceful video:

Oh, and remember folks they want to build a new jail so geniuses like these can fill it up with poor kids who have the bad sense to like Nickleback music.

Hey Wolfinger…do you really think this was a good utilization of taxpayer resources????

Republicans 1…Otter-bots 0…..It’s history folks!

charging elephantThe rumble on the Palouse is done!  Long live Liberty!

The 2014 Idaho Republican Party  State Convention is history folks…and what an historic event it was!

The Winners:

Barry Peterson – The cheaters and bullies couldn’t pull it off…Barry Peterson State GOP Chair for 2 more years!!!! Congratulations Barry!

Raul Labrador – Always a class act…kept the Mongol Hordes at bay with the help of his two Cracker Jack Parlimentarians…”The Convention is Adjourned”…take that Otter-bots!

Russ Fulcher – Next time they won’t cheat him out of a seat at the table!  2018 is not that far away Russ…Keep on truckin!!!!!

State Senator Bob Nonini – Impeccable timing Bob…thanks for getting us home in time for Father’s Day!

Kootenai County Delegation – Neil  Oliver and his crew did a fine job of showing just what Unity is all about. They followed the rules and took a great team to Moscow! Whoot Whoot…way to go Neil!

RLC – and Karen Calesterio of course…the tide has turned….Liberty minded Republicans Rule! They also had a great convention and organized to thwart the  cheaters throughout the Moscow convention.

The Losers:

Once More Unto The Breach, Good Conservatives, Once More!…

Idaho_Republican_Party_logoTomorrow the Idaho GOP State Convention begins in Moscow…Shall the Conservatives prevail?  We’re betting YES!

We’ll be there to cover the action and bring you any breaking news.

Join us, won’t you? We’ll be at the CBO Merchandise table selling our world renown Doo-FO and Doo-ane, inter-posable – action Piñata’s.

Get your’s while they last! (All Proceeds benefit the We Don’t Want To Be Liberal Weenies Orphans Fund)

For more convention info:

Cantor OUT! Are You Paying Attention Butch?…

Healthcare-govWhat will your legacy be? The Liberty Governor or NeoCon Hack?

Time to decide Butch…before it’s too late for you! History will judge you and we know it matters to you…A LOT!

Now if you’d just dump Wasden…in January of course…we’d be pretty darn happy!

Ed Morse…King of The Cry Babies!…

crybabyWaaaaaa….waaaaaa….doze sneeky widdle Pastors wuz mean to me!  Waaaaa….waaaaa!

And so it goes!!!! Ed Morse, King of the cry babies has decided to complain to the IRS (figures the Bully calls in the Bullies to do his dirty work). Why????

Because, he claims a couple of Pastors broke the “IRS law” (theres no such thing) by starting a PAC (permitted under Idaho law and the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution) and got involved in….horror of horrors…a campaign that didn’t support…Ed Morse (Oh, the humanity!)