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Whoa! Daily Kos Says Otter Only Up By 3….

Idaho Governor Otter speaks to the media during the second day of the Sun Valley Conference in Sun Valley

Governor Butch Otter, wearing an ever so cute pink shirt!










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So, if it happens, we mean, if it really happens that Butch doesn’t win, who would we rather have the Real Conservative Bujack or the Liberal Balukoff?

No offense, Mr. Pro LIfe, we think you’d be a much better conservative than Butch, but….. really now, isn’t it time we stopped acting insane? Let’s try something different and expect a different result!

Hey Butch, why the no so at the Magic Valley Debate???? Got something to hide? Stay tuned, we’ll post the debate soon.



If Bujack “Can’t Win”…What Is Otter Afraid Of?


Eagle, Idaho, October 14, 2014: Libertarian Candidate for Governor, John Bujak, was excluded from the KTVB debate in Nampa tonight. KTVB claimed that Bujak did not meet eligibility criteria. Bujak disagrees. “That simply is not true. I was required to demonstrate that I had received at least $10,000 in third party donations to my campaign and I did.” Bujak said. “Each time I provided proof, KTVB said it wasn’t good enough and asked for more. In the end, there was no satisfying them even though I had provided campaign finance reports, deposit slips, copies of checks, deposit receipts from the bank, even my banker’s name and phone number.” said Bujak. “There was a clear agenda to keep me out of that debate, regardless of how much proof I provided them.”

Oh No! Here We Go Again…

Otter or Bujack? Who’s the Real Conservative???? Are we really that insane?

With the Supreme Court refusing to hear the “Gay Marriage” issue, we’ve been delivered from the last reason to vote for Otter…

He doesn’t have to abandon us on this issue (which he would have) SCOTUS did it for him!

Bujack can’t win? Oh yes he can…if Conservatives vote for him! Are we in for another 4 years of the Red Leg/Blue Leg Pyramid Game?

We’ll know in a few weeks…..Heaven help us because we’re obviously incapable of helping ourselves!


Nesse…The Cd’A Monster….With Apologies To Nessie of Loch Ness