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Tag Chester…Win A Beer!

Chester will be at Daanen’s Delicatessen for the Election Night Party.

Hand Chester a note that says “Hi Chester” and they will buy you a beer.

Give it to the wrong persons, you have to buy them a beer.

P.S. If Bujack wins….everybody gets a Free Beer!

P.S.S. Chester promises to surrender if you identify them.



Breaking!!!…Stransky Accuses Barbieri…

Of being a Conservative Republican!  

No, we’re not making this up folks!!!

Vito Pleads Guilty!





The Dizzy Democrat Dame says:

He supports Home Schooling…Vito says yes!

He supports 2nd Amendment Rights…Vito says yes!

He wants the State to steward Idaho Public Lands…Vito says yes!

Oh, the horror!….Huh???? Lady, what have you been smoking?

Asked if he has anything in common with Cheryl “Hope they don’t notice that I’m a Democrat” Stransky, Barbieri noted…

“I’m not a natural blonde either!”  (Just kidding, Vito’s way too classy to say such a thing…but we’re not!)

Stay tuned…more fake breaking news at any time….


Breaking….Most Interesting Man In The World Says….

NobleNotCuteBruce Noble is NOT “ruggedly handsome”

So there you have it folks, “The Man” has spoken. Just no reason left to even think about not voting for Marc Eberlein!

Stay tuned. More spoofing coming!


Hello David Stewart and Mark Eberlein…Goodbye…

reidbruiseHarry Reid?????!!!!! We can hope, can’t we….

The day is looking downright dour for Dems! Whoo Hoo!


The Voice Of Idaho? News?…For Real!

TVOI_Temp_LogoWell, we’ve been talking about it for years. How can we promote the ideals of Liberty without a news outlet?

Time to put up or shut up!

The good folks at TVOI news have picked up the gauntlet. Will we support them?

Check them out. Spread the word. Support them financially if you can. If we don’t use them, we’ll lose them!

Here’s our chance to have a voice of our own. The Voice of Idaho!

P.S. Tell them Chester sent you.