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We Can’t _____Therefore We Don’t ______…









Fill in the blanks…Trust Luke Malek, Like Luke Malek…

Sorry Wayne Hoffman, we’ll have to disagree with you on this one.

BTW…We do like you!  Keep up the good work…

Congratulations Chris Fillios…

ChrisFOn your re-election to East Side Highway District!

Hey David Stewart….What were you thinking?


It’s For The Children…Thanks Phil Hart…

An Eagle Eye Chucklehead sent us this… Good insight as we’ve come to expect from Phil Hart!



It’’s For the Children   by Phil Hart
And it really is “for the children”, so said the Framers of our
Constitution when they wrote into the preamble of that great document this
language “and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our
posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States
of America.”

Poster Boy or Lap Dog….

In Wayne’s World it’s….


Ambitious Malek the poster boy of obedience to federal government

Rep. Luke Malek once said he hoped his law degree would “empower him to battle objectionable compliance with the status quo.”

A noble aim to be sure, but an unfulfilled goal for the second-term House member from Kootenai County.

Malek took a swing at the Idaho Freedom Foundation in an opinion piece Sunday, suggesting our Freedom Index, which measures how much legislators try to grow government, is somehow “corruptive.”

He didn’t stop there, saying the index is used only for promoting political obedience. “This obedience flies in the face of the independence that Idahoans are known for, but the threats work,” Malek wrote.

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How our Godless world has fallen…another family destroyed!

When will it ever end?

RIP Sgt. Moore!

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