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Tiny Tina…One Funny Gal….


Well, most of us have been to the Kootenai County Fair this week and found…not to our surprise…Tiny Tina for Sheriff has a booth. Even better, she’s giving away free stuff!

Wow, it’s not too late for you. Get on down to the Fair and try to get some of Tina’s Free Stuff!

Why do we say she’s funny you ask???? Well, here’s a few of the jokes she told us…

John Green “cannot legally run for Sheriff because he’s a lawyer”

John Green “doesn’t have an Idaho Drivers License. He really lives in Texas and has a Texas Drivers License”

John Green “is going to withdraw from the Sheriff’s race and endorse me”

Bwwwwaaaaaaaaa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

Tina, you be one funny gal!

Yes, Like The Rest Of America, We’ve Been Sleeping…

Not from apathy, mostly from….we all have to work for a living ok!!!! Who do you think we are, Tina Kunishge????


We can see from current events, it’s time to get the show on the road, so….

Here’s what we’ll be covering soon:

2016 Election Cycle Races: Sheriff, Our Great State Reps and Senators (The Good Guys!), The Pol’s we’re hoping to say good-bye to…Bye Bye (We hope) Luke Malek, KCBOC races…Will Dan Green run again? Sheriff, Just how many people will be running against David Stewart ( We’ve heard 7 names mentioned), Sheriff, Thank goodness for Marc Eberlein, the Conservative Anchor of the KCBOC! Did we mention Sheriff?

There will be lots more folks…stay tuned!

P.S. If you’d like to join our team of crack investigators, send us an email to

P.S.S. Anyone heard the rumor about Luke Malek running for Congress against Raul?