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Well The Cat’s Out Of The Bag…The Winner Is…


David Stewart- Cry Baby Award winner of the year!

…and it wasn’t even close! What was the “secret” to his success?????

Well, his recent temper tantrum at the KCBOCC meeting sealed the deal!

You can read the Pravda On The Lake bit here:

Let’s read between the lines…shall we????!!!!

“That was quick.” The first line reads…

Not quick enough, says we!

“Eight months after David Stewart became a Kootenai County commissioner and chairman of the board, he was bumped from being chairman this week after fellow commissioners Dan Green and Marc Eberlein voted to have him removed from the role.”

Anyone who has been to BOCC meetings over the course of the last 8 months knows that Stewart has a knack for turning a 10-minute discussion into a 90-minute meeting! I guess Commish’s Green and Eberlein just got tired of wasting precious county time watching the Stewart Parade for each and every meeting!

We say…What took you guys so long????!!!!

What’s Stewart’s take on the change?

Breaking…KCBOCC Member Nominated…



For the Cry Baby Award!…Which One? 

Stay Tuned!

Heather Scott Has Our Backs….









How about we have hers!  Go vote in the On Line Poll


Give Heather a solid vote for expressing her first amendment rights! Don’t let the Liberal Racists Win!

Heather is a solid Conservative who works for every one…she takes her oath seriously and has proven it!

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John Green Responds…

…To Tiny Tina…The Comedy Candidate!


Dear “Chester”,

Judging by the number of notifications I received from supporters about your post on my “Retired” opponent, you are quite a popular guy(s?).

In answer to your question about why I didn’t have a booth at the Kootenai County Fair, the answer is, quite simply, I’m not retired and I have to work for a living. However, my wife and I did manage to squeeze in a couple of hours on Saturday to enjoy the exhibits and sample some tasty food.

As a secondary reason, if one is necessary, people go to the Fair to relax and have fun, not to be harangued by politicians. I hope your readers had fun at the Fair.

With regard to the imaginative stories that my “Retired” opponent was spreading at the Fair, I did have a number of people quote what she was telling people. While I note the old adage, “Desperate people do desperate things”, I still feel compelled to address the items you raised in your blog post. So, here goes: