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Merry Christmas HOA!…Err’s Sorry, We Didn’t Intend To Offend You…

jmxmassdecBy mentioning the Nativity of The Lord and Savior of the World!!!!

But if you are offended, we say to you NUTS! (Thanks Jeremy!)

What else do we have to say on the subject? Not much except,  Keep At It – To The Morris Family!

And Finally, this lucid thought that appeared in the Comments of the local Daily Rag that poses as a newspaper…

(Thanks Brent Regan!)

“I used to love it when my parents drove us kids around to see the Christmas lights, a tradition my wife and I continued when our kids were young. Those memories are priceless to me and them. 

About this time last year Jeremy brought a cotton candy machine to my shop and I helped him to get it working. I also volunteered at last years event to make cotton candy for the kids. Many of them had never tasted it before and their happy expressions were wonderful. Other volunteers passed out free hot chocolate, guided traffic and made sure people stayed off the neighbor’s property. Dolly the camel was there with her professional handler and only visited for a couple of hours. Carrots were provided if the kids wanted to feed her. A donation box was set up and all donations went to local charities including one for children with cancer. 

So the facts are that the “event” runs from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (two hours) for 5 nights. It takes place outside city limits. Volunteers provide traffic control and guide people to and from the area. Last year there were NO adverse incidents. Everything was provided for free and all monies donated were given to local charities. Last year hundreds of children came with their parents and everyone enjoyed themselves. Nothing in the HAO rules prohibits this. What exactly is so horrible? Nobody complains when Mr. Hagadone puts lights on his house.

This year the event will undoubtedly be bigger BECAUSE of the HOA actions and the “Streisand Effect” so you can’t really feel sorry for them. 

It is funny that the press got caught flat footed on this story and are now backpedaling with a conspiratorial “media strategy” spin. Guys, news flash, it’s Christmas and people sometimes do nice things without expecting anything in return. Feel the joy and share it. 

Merry Christmas!”

P.S.: Here’s information on the event: