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Ben Is In! (Oh Joy…Not!)

sheriffbencroppedBen Wolfinger announced Tuesday that he’ll seek a second term as Kootenai County sheriff. Ben’s been with the sheriff’s office for…get this…going on 33 years! Wow…is that dedication? (No really, is it?)

And just what has he accomplished in his term as sheriff….

“During the past 35 months since taking office, we have seen several positive changes in the Sheriff’s Office,” he said.

“This includes the establishment of a Crime Prevention program,…” (What!!! You mean they haven’t had one of those since Wyatt Erp was Sheriff????) “…increased collaboration with the Board of County Commissioners, … (so what? Shouldn’t every elected official collaborate with the BOCC?)

“…private and public entities and regional law enforcement agencies,… (Hey Ben, that’s part of your job!)

“… as well as contracting jail food services, which allowed the Board of Commissioners to cut the budget $250,000 the first year.” … (Finally, a positive change!)

Soooooo, in essence, Ben wants us to re-elect him because he’s accomplished …. drum roll please…Diddly Squat!

So it looks like there will be three in the race…the eminently qualified…John Green and…


Tiny Tina…you know, the gal with the big gun that has an apoplectic fit at the mere mention of John Green’s name. The same gal who tells folks they don’t need a driver’s license to drive in Idaho. The same gal who has yet to provide the public with a single verifiable credential, accomplishment, job, success or relevant experience for her resume, including her claim that she is a “machine gun manufacturer”. (She’s already admitted that she only manufactured one machine gun…we don’t believe even that much!) The same gal who says there is an Idaho statute which says John Green can’t be Sheriff because he’s a lawyer. (We read the statute Tina, you better go back to school, cause you’re either stoopid or a really bad reader!)

(Hmmmmm….just thinking out loud here, but how does Tina have time to go to all the BOCC meetings she goes to, considering the fact that she’s got so many jobs? How does the Kunishige family make it financially, on, what we’re told, a hamburger joint manager makes? Tina, conspiring minds want to know!)

Hey Tina, even if you had 10 times the resume of John Green, we wouldn’t support you for any reason. Why? Because someone who would allow their child to talk to you the way your son does without correction isn’t fit for any public office. What are we talking about???? Well, funny you should ask. We were rather shocked to find the following on your son’s Facebook Page: