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Once Upon A Time…

rocketsquirlThere was a tiny girl who lived in a fairytale world…

Tiny Tina, you know the little gal with the big gun who would be Sheriff…

She couldn’t make a go of a quilting business so she’s decided to make Rocket Jet Packs…Woo Hoo! In your kitchen Tina?

Well anyway, the good people of Kootenai County are being nice to Tina in her delusions. We wouldn’t have it any other way! You see, people around these parts are nice!

She’s not alone though. She’s got her Ace “Rocket Scientist” husband in on the act. He even took a stab at teaching Brent Regan all about jet packs and rocket science…that would be about like Tiny Tina lecturing John Green on the Constitution!

We wish you well Tina! Be careful though! We wouldn’t want you to hit your head on the Space Station!

Well, at least she’s not “retired” any longer!

By the way Tina, nice “Glamour Shot” on Facebook!

We like this one of you better though…


Finally! It’s Fillios!…


Fillios, Fillios, he’s our man…he’s gotta do it cause Dave Stewart…

…has been a total waste of space!

Our guess is that Chris Fillios will be the next Kootenai County District 2 Commissioner! 

Sorry Dave, if you had even been a little bit of a nice guy, a wee little bit, we wouldn’t love to see you go so much!

We suspect the “Balance” crowd won’t take this lying down! Expect “moderate” to get in the race.

Word spread fast – over heard today at the Grumpy Monkey “Go, Chris, Go!”


Hey Commissioner Candidate…Hurry UP!













Will the guy who’s gonna deliver us from that insufferable David Stewart please hurry up and announce your candidacy!!!!!

We’re having a hard time keeping secrets!!!




Dan Green – A Class Act!

DanielGreen…and we’re not kidding! You know, we’ve taken a few cheap shots at Dan over the last few years (Who are we kidding? All our shots are cheap!)

But, believe it or not, we’re kind of sad to see Dan Green go! Despite the yucks we’ve had at his expense, there are a few things we’ve come to know about Dan Green:

He’s a gentleman, he’s impeccably honest and he cares deeply about our community!

Farewell Dan and may God bless you in what ever your future holds! You are most certainly a Class Act!

Yer Pal, 

Chester (All of us…it was unanimous!)

(…and now back to our regularly scheduled program…Tiny Tina, Fred Meckel and David Stewart in the same election cycle!!!! Oh Boy…is this gonna be fun!)