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2016 February | Chuckle Berries Online

Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Inquisition of Phil Hart…

From the inimitable Will Grigg…

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Regime’s Relentless Persecution of Phil Hart 10-medieval-torture-devices3

“Mr. Hart, do you contest the legitimacy of the federal government of the United States of America?”

That question was posed to former Idaho State Representative Phil Hart a few minutes into his February 3 federal bankruptcy hearing. By asking that question, Assistant U.S. Attorney David Newman transmuted the proceeding into a heresy trial.

“No, I do not,” replied Hart – a good and sufficient answer that was ignored by the Inquisitor.

Exhibit 36 in the hearing was a book entitled “Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any?” which Hart published in 2001. 

Newman read an excerpt from page 300 of Hart’s book in which the author complained that the political system of the United States, which was “originally intended to be a citizen/public servant relationship,” has degenerated into “a bureaucrat/master or licensee/slave relationship.”

“Do you believe that individuals in the United States are essentially in a slave relationship with the government?” inquired Newman. Unsatisfied with Hart’s reply, Newman proceeded to page 90 of the book, which referred to the New Testament principle that “godly government” was established “to reward good and punish evil.”

….THE REST OF THE STORY IS HERE: http://freedominourtime.blogspot.com/2016/02/the-regimes-relentless-persecution-of.html

An Open Letter To Wild Bill For America…

Note From Chester: This is a response to a comment received from the afore mentioned Patriot in response to our “There was an old lady” post and you may read the comment there. We say Patriot in the real sense…not our Chuckled Up sense!





Dear Wild Bill,

First, it’s Chester, not Chuckles. We’re not a person, we are people, as in more than one. Thanks for your comments. They are important to us and we wanted to take a bit of time to respond….so…here goes:

  1. Some of us were very familiar with you and like your stuff. Some of us had never heard of you, but now that we have we’ll keep watching.
  1. We love to skewer Liberals! However, we also love to expose “Patriots” who take pleasure in spreading lies about real Conservatives and real Patriots. We’re sorry that you didn’t like our “commentary” on Miss Tina, but, well Wild Bill, she asked for it! (Her lies about a real conservative only serve to help real liberals!)
  1. Our commentary, while certainly “childish” (we pride ourselves on being juvenile around here) was far from vicious. Vicious would be the lies that Tina tells about another real Patriot and Conservative, who just happens to be a lawyer and is running for the same Sheriff’s position that Tina is seeking. Nothing that we have said about Tina is untrue. We have a very good chance of electing a true Constitutional Sheriff in our beautiful county this election. That will not be Tina. Not because she’s not “passionate about American freedom”, but because she’s not qualified, in any way, to hold that important position. Furthermore, as we can amply prove, she can’t even read the law, never mind understand it! (She claims that Idaho has a statute that prohibits a lawyer from being elected Sheriff. If she can’t read that statute and get it right, we have no hope she’d be able to understand the real legal issues confronting a Constitutional Sheriff)
  1. You’re correct that “It is the liberals who take pleasure in the suffering of patriotic Americans”, that’s why we like to give them a little taste of it back! We’re making no claim that Tina is a liberal. We think she’s genuinely concerned the erosion of liberty in America. We also take no joy in exposing Tina’s financial plight. In fact, we wish her well on her road to “financial recovery”. The real issue is who is Tina and why is she in the financial straights she’s in?
  1. You say Tina is a “friend” of yours. Now, we’re pretty strict around these parts with regard to what constitutes a “friend”. A friend is someone that you know very well and that you know you can count on to help you no matter what you ask. (If it’s legal and moral of course). So Wild Bill, perhaps you can tell us some things that your friend Tina won’t?

• Tina says she’s “retired”. Retired from what?

R.I.P. – Antonin Gregory Scalia!


There Was An Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe…

TK2…and apparently Tiny Tina will be living there too! (Are we being too mean?)

…or maybe she’ll be living in that shiny yellow car? Or maybe she could sell the shiny yellow car and her “machine gun” and pay her mortgage!

...or maybe she could get a real job! Has she ever had a real job? Conspiring minds want to know! Tell us Tina, what jobs have you had? We’ll be happy to share!

In any event, the below notice is from he Legal Section of the C’dA Press.

4879642:Notice of Trustee’s Sale Idaho Code 45-1506 Today’s date: December 30, 2015 File No.: 7023.101489 Sale date and time (local time): May 04, 2016 at 9:00 AM Sale location: La Quinta Inn & Suites – Coeur d’Alene, 333 W. Ironwood Drive, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814, Auction.com Room Property address: 1405 East Cherrywood Drive Coeur D Alene, ID 83814 Successor Trustee: Northwest Trustee Services, Inc., an Idaho Corporation P.O. Box 997 Bellevue, WA 98009 (425) 586-1900 Deed of Trust information Original grantor: Christopher L. Kunishige and Tina L. Kunishige, husband and wife Original trustee: Pioneer Title Company Original beneficiary: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. Recording date: December 9, 2003 Recorder’s instrument number: 1847499 County: Kootenai Sum owing on the obligation: as of December 30, 2015: $182,940.47