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Breaking! Stewie Squirms!…


          This is not David Stewart

No, not that Stewie, he’s a cartoon character…the David Stewart, Stewie! 

We wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t read it for our selves….

 This is a real Facebook comment from Stewie to a really nice conservative lady, while referring to our expose…

 Emphasis ours:

 “[Name of Nice Lady Redacted] This is all old news that happened during the worst economic downturn in American history. I would say that I navigated through this adversity quite well. Sure I lost several million dollars in net worth, but I didn’t file bankruptcy like most people would have and I never sold my soul like you have. I will pray for you!”

 “worst economic downturn in Ameircan history”???? Sorry David, that’s just delusional!

“I lost several million dollars in net worth”???? Waaaaa, Waaaaaa, Waaaaa, somebody call the Wambulance! But seriously David…we don’t believe you so PROVE IT!

But the best for last…..

“I navigated through this adversity quite well.” Oh Reallllllyyyyy!? Well, we beg to differ and you’ll see why in Part IV!

P.S. Thanks for driving traffic to our site David Stewart! You know we love to be loved!

Wholly Smack Down Batman!…

Pollice_VersoSorry for the delay Chuckleheads! Technical glitch held off this installment….

Now back to our regularly scheduled program!!!!!

…Or…”Stewie Get’s Some Business Schoolin!”

So, where were we? Oh, yes….

David “Stewie” Stewart, the “Business Legend”…in his own mind….picks a fight with Britannia..

well, BP anyway! 

BP bites back…Stewie’s down…the crowd cheers…as we said… and the Emperor????

Poliice Verso! or THUMBS DOWN! …..Yerrrrrrr OUT Stewie!

The court grants BP a Summary Judgement which you can see here: CrashAndBurnStewie

The whole document is a good read, but there is the conclusion from the Judge:


stewiejoust…The British (Petroleum) Empire that is!

When we last left Little Stewie, he was hurdling through time and space, down the jousting track, pole firmly under arm, poised to strike a fatal blow to the Dragon he was doing battle with, none other than the dreaded… British Petroleum! (aka Castrol if you’re paying attention and reading the documents)


Stewie sues!

Then, in an instant…


The Empire bites back!

Download Document Here: BackAtYouStewie

Ooops…. Stewie forgot to mention a few things…

He Is Risen! … Glória in excélsis Deo


Good Friday…