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His Hypocrisy Has No Limits!…

dstewartSo, David Stewart complains about the “ethical lapses” of Chris Fillios because Chris receives a small stipend for his internet service. (We wish we could find good internet service for 25 bucks a month!)

and gets some small portion of his duty related milage reimbursed!!!!!????

But Stewie, weren’t you the one who asked (and received) county taxpayers to pay for your expenses to attend a The Lincoln Day Dinner, which is strictly a Republican Party Event?????

Hey, everyone! Let’s see how many of us can request Stewart’s expense reports from the County!!! On second thought, let’s not swamp Jim Brannon’s already overworked staff! 

Somebody get a copy and send it to us. We’ll post it here!!!!

Stewie, have you no shame?

Of course you don’t, or you would have already resigned!

Oh, and BTW Stewie…..

Somebody call the Waaaaaambulance! Poor Stewie…Chuckleberries was mean to him!

Waaaaaaaa! Poor Stewie! Waaaaaaa!

Waaaaaaaa! Poor Stewie! Waaaaaaa!




HIL-ADORE…Sign Says It All!…


Not that we didn’t already have enough reason to Re-Elect Kathy Sims…

This sign seals the deal! Nice try Amador…you been Hillary-ed!

(Yes, this is a real sign, spotted in C’dA, by a young, tall, handsome, conservative dude we like!)

The Fat Lady Sings…For Stewie!

chateauStewieAnd about darn time! Thanks C’dA Press for finally doing your job!

Enough is enough! Time for Stewie to RESIGN!

You’re better Than Us????

We have to pay our taxes but you don’t???

You game the system “Commissioner”… you get OUT!!!

Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!


Where’s Stewie…Part 2…


David Stewart was a no show at last weeks Commissioners Forum in Athol.

What’s his story?????

Weeeelllllllll, Stewie says:

“I have received information from our legal department that my participation could and most likely will pose a risk of impermissible ex parte contact pursuant to Idaho code because the district court remanded Silver Hill and Cattle Company and Mort Construction case back to the board of county commissioners,”

“It is a matter currently before the board or, alternatively, one which will come before the board in the near future. In the spirit of not compromising my position as a sitting Kootenai County commissioner in this matter and furthermore not wanting to become a hindrance of open communication among your attendees and other commissioner candidates, I have therefore made the decision to not attend tonight’s forum.”

But… KCBOCC Attorney Pat Braden says:

“It was strictly his decision whether to attend and answer the other questions,”

You’d think Stewie would have figured out that it would be ok to just say:

“I can’t discuss that!”

But Noooooooo, he just doesn’t Shoooooooooow!

Oh, and by the way, we understand that each candidate was given the nine questions being asked ahead of time, and none of the questions even remotely touched on the Athol development.

Here’s what we think Stewie’s real reason is:


Not gonna go to Athol…wouldn’t be prudent…not gonna do it!


Where’s Stewie?

wheresStewiePerhaps he should invest in a little red and white striped shirt and knit cap so we can find him at the Commissioner Forums…Oh wait…He wasn’t there!

Whats a matter U Stewie? You don’t want to answer questions???? Or maybe you just don’t like the good folks up in Athol!?

Working on getting that building permit yet?

Hey, Stewie…get your Waldo suit here: