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Somebody Done Good Work!…


Chester Chooses….


Ballots are cast…each Chester got one vote…

Here are Chester’s Picks for the May 17, 2016 Republican Primary Election

Remember, these are not endorsements, it’s just who we like!

Oh, and by the way…we never like Democrats!

Congress: Raul Labrador

KCBOCC District 2: Chris Fillios

KCBOCC District 3: Leslie Duncan (Bob was runner up with 2 votes short of a tie!)

Sheriff: John Green

State Rep Dist 2 A: Vito Barbieri

State Rep Dist 2 B: Good luck to both Christian Gentlemen! (It was a tie!)

State Rep Dist 3 B: Don Cheatham

State Rep Dist 4 A: Art Macomber

State Rep Dist 4 B: Kathy Sims (of course)

President: Come back Ron Paul, come back! (Just kidding! He wasn’t on the ballot! It was a tie between The Tedster and the Trumpster.)

Of course we’re also voting for Steve Vick, Ron Mendive, and Mary Souza, even though they are unopposed, and we encourage you to do the same!

What about Bob? (Bob, come back to the reservation before it’s too late! Sorry, until then, we know you not!)

We Been Scolded…So What?


Ok Chuckleheads…

We got some nasty-grams about our latest “expose”…

So let’s recap our fil-os-o-fee here at CBO, shall we?????!!!!



  1. We don’t care what anyone thinks about us!
  2. Truth is paramount, nothing else matters!
  3. We exist to support real conservative causes and ideas!
  4. “Stewie” left a really sour taste in our mouths…never again!
  5. We don’t care what anyone thinks about us!

On the other hand, we had a couple of pretty levelheaded messages…

One really got us talking in the newsroom…

“Dear “Chester”,

I know you all don’t care much what people think about you, but I wanted to point out the obvious, in case you missed it.

Your latest, “expose”, if in fact you plan on running it, has a definite down side to our mutual conservative cause. As I’m sure you are aware, the vote margins between the four candidates for the Board of County Commissioner race in which your “expose” target is running (I’m speculating who it is, but pretty certain I’m correct) will likely be very thin.

Of the four candidates, one is absolutely liberal, one is confused as to his political ideology, and the other two are solidly conservative. Unfortunately, the conservatives are split with regard to the conservative bona fides of these last two. That’s bad news for us! I can’t remember any past race where the conservatives were split on candidates with such emotional hard headedness.

In any event, I’m sure you’d agree that we, Kootenai County, conservatives are a pretty cautious bunch. Surely you can see that we will consider the real background of all the candidates. Many of us were “suckered” by the, unopposed, “conservative” that skated onto the BOCC in the last election. We know, we were asleep at the wheel, but remember that old adage, “Burn me once, shame on you! Burn me twice, shame on me!” We won’t be fooled again, as the song goes.

So I am imploring you to let us work this out for ourselves. Let the conservatives vet their own, please! You have more impact than you can imagine, and it’s important that we just don’t start the tongues to wagging at this late stage of the game. Many of us think you’ll just split the vote more and you know we’re right. Please don’t go any further with your “expose” before the Primary Election on May 17th.


[Name Redacted by Request]”

So who says we don’t listen? NO NEW EXPOSE THIS ELECTION CYCLE….

We will be finishing Pole Barn-gate though!!!!

Tomorrow we’ll give you our final “Who We Like” picks for May 17th!

Think you’re gonna be surprised…all the Chester’s were!!!

Note To GOP Muckety Mucks…Wake Up And Vet Before You Support!!!!


Or…Oh No…Not Again!

We’ve learned a valuable political lesson with Stewie…


As it turns out, we’ve already forgotten that lesson. Apparently, there is another candidate for KCBOCC that we need to vet. (Actually, we’ve decided to vet all of them now!)

We hate to do it, but we may have no choice but to do another “expose”. The “who” of the expose, depends on their reaction to this post.

The following words will have meaning to one of the BOCC Candidates.

Aquila Energy

UtiliCorp United

Calpine Corp

MMC Energy

MEP Pleasant Hill, LLC

Aries Power Project

When we looked at the history of the above names, including the business operations, bankruptcies and mergers/acquisitions, then connected the dots, we find no explanation for the circumstances surrounding their operation and business relationships and the failure thereof, except incompetence and/or malfeasance, and/or misfeasance.

In any event, we’d like an explanation, from the candidate in question, as to why we should not make public the facts with regard to the mentioned names? Why, if these relationships were as bungled as they seem to have been, should we trust you to be a County Commissioner and manage our tax money and business affairs?

You’ve touted yourself as a successful manager. The history we’ve just read suggests other wise.

Now look, bad luck happens. Anyone can make mistakes. But when you tell us you’re competent and want to manage our tax money by running for public office, we have a right to know how you’ve performed in the past. So, despite the fact that there is stuff we like about you….

You got some splainin to do!!!

What say you Commissioner Candidate???????  We’ll give you a chance to explain yourself here, if you want to tell the public your side of the story. (Email us if you want to talk!)

 [Note from Chester: Not to worry Chuckleheads…Pole Barngate…will be back soon!] 


Wanted! Investigative Journalist…Needs To Be Awake!…

chateauStewieWho lives in this sweet shop…

in a neighborhood of “million dollar homes”?

What do the Kootenai County building permit records show…

has been permitted to be built there?

If somebody lives here, do you think they…

built a pretty swanky house inside?

If they built a big swanky house inside, how long…

have the owners lived in it?

Have the owners paid their fair share…

of property taxes on the full improved value?

Hey, CdA Press, if a public official improved their…

property, in a way which would have required any…

mere mortal (us peons) to obtain a building permit…

and that official didn’t report the improvements so…

that the property could be fully appraised and taxed,…

just like the rest of our properties, wouldn’t that be a bit…


A journalist, a journalist…my kingdom for a journalist!