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Breaking…If John Green Wins…



Is this really what DFO looks like? Picture from his blog

…Doofo is moving to Spokanistan!

Faux “Journalist” and Blogger DFO, of our favorite liberal parody site “Huckleberries Online” has announced he will move permanently to Spokanistan if John Green is elected Sheriff of Kootenai County!

In an exclusive interview with Chester (wink, wink) Dave said: “I can’t stand the thought of living in a place where a guy like Phil Hart has a Sheriff like John Green.” Continuing he tearfully concluded, “I’ll move to Spokane if Green wins, where my duckie slippers and man sized onesie will be better appreciated!”

Green could not be reached for comment.

We contacted Phil Hart for a comment. He said “Dave who?”

Stay tuned…developing!

(Disclosure: Chester is not a real person and therefor never had a conversation with DFO. This is a parody folks!)

No Lawyer Weasel Words…We’re Coming For Our Hug Green!

Already got some complaints that the last video we posted left a bad taste in peoples mouths…

This should fix it! (How did we not see this before today?)

Get ready Green!!! We’re coming for our hugs….all of us!

Really? Could This Be True? What Do You Think?

Pot, Meet Kettle!…Stewie Ain’t No Steward!…


As you might imagine, the hypocrisy meter is off the charts!

David, Stewie, Stewart, threw the first stone, of course…

Bleating about Chris Fillios’ “ethical lapses”, because Chris gets a, quite reasonable, reimbursement for some of his expenses.

Well, Stewie “The Pot” Stewart, meet Mr. Kettle….

Attached for your reading enjoyment is the milage reimbursement from our “public servant” Stewie, wherein he got paid by the tax payers for (among other things) attending Republican political meetings like Lincoln Day and Pachyderm Club meetings. We love Lincoln Day and Pachyderm Clubs, but IT’S NOT THE TAXPAYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY FOR YOU TO GET THERE STEWIE!


How about a nice apology for Mr. Fillios and then RESIGN!

We have to wonder, Stewie, if the real reason that you are so desperate to hold on to your position is because you are broke and desperately need the money? Why else would you bill the taxpayers for a half a mile of travel? 

A half a mile????? Are you serious?????

Attention Chuckleheads!!!! You can stop sending these to us now and thanks!

Please, remember as we learned in Kindergarten, be kind an SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!


P.S. If somebody would share this on Facebook it would save us bandwidth! Also, feel free to ask Stewie to explain…if he will show his face after this.

Hey Stewie, jokes on you…cause we ain’t laughing!



Et Tu Bob-us?

backstabYour Kingdom for a Keough?

She’s too liberal? Yes, indeed!

You’re too conservative? We’ll never think it again!

Please Bob, say it ain’t so!

Woe is us!

It’s as if we never new ye!