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What Does Ed Pace Know That Tina Won’t Tell Us?????

curliegirltinaThe curls are a nice touch for a Sheriff…don’t cha think!

But seriously folks….We hate it when someone interrupts a good nap!

Had a couple of requests for a response to “Pastor” Ed Pace, endorsement of Tiny Tina for Sheriff.

Our response….BIG YAWN!

Ed’s not even form Kootenai County. Anybody seen any mainstream Kootenai County Pastor’s jumping on Tina’s Titanic?

Now, if it’s really Pastor Ed Pace, he’d be concerned with truth and transparency. In that case Ed, perhaps you’d be so kind as to share Tina’s resume with our readers? What? You’ve never seen one? Well neither have we! Cause there ain’t a single thing on it that would be helpful toward being Sheriff!

Tina has about as much chance of getting elected Sheriff as Vermin Supreme has at being elected President! On second thought, Vermin’s chances are much better!

Dear Tina Supporters…you’re as delusional as she is if you think she’s either electable, or qualified!

That’s our final word on the 2016 Kootenai County Sheriff’s Race.

We’re writing in John Green for Sheriff! (No, he’s not a an official write-in candidate, but we don’t care!)

Now, back to that nap!