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Our Job Is Done! The End Has Come!

From Brent Regan via Facebook, (You know, the tall, smart, Republican guy that the liberal haters love to hate) comes this sad news!

The Troll King is Dead!!
Huckle-Buried 8/17/17/17:00

For years the ever-feculent cyberbully Olivera and his merry band of apple polishing anonymous sycophants have been harassing North Idaho residents. Squatting in the place that is seemingly the farthest from journalism as one can get, DFO and gang would repeatedly and predictably roll out threadbare ad hominem tropes in a desperate attempt to remain relevant. An effort that has, thankfully, ultimately failed.

While I gave up reading his tripe years ago, I must confess that there is one thing I did learn from Dave. I learned to not be THAT guy. Hurling invective may offer a quantum of gratification but the long term effect is toxic to the soul.

They say a man can be judged by who his friends and his enemies are. My friends include Burt Rutan and Bill Whittle and many good and admirable residents of Idaho. My enemies include……… my enemies are of no consequence.

In the end one only has to ask if a person’s presence was a net positive or a net negative; did they add or subtract to the quality of life in our community. I suspect that history will not be kind to the Troll King.


“Feculent”….Now that’s a great word!

P.S. Just kidding about the End! We just woke up from our nap and are getting ready for the 2018 Laugh at Liberals Season!