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Green For District 2 Seat B???? Oh No…Say It Ain’t So!!!

Don’t get us wrong, we think he’d be great in that position. Eric Redman is a great guy, but as a Conservative, he’s no John Green. 

But John Green….What about Sheriff???? We need you there!

Oh, Well! Green, Barbieri, Vick…the interests of District 2 constituents will be in solid Conservative hands!

John Green Announces Candidacy for Idaho Legislative District 2, Seat B

Bah Bye, Bobby…

Free photo: Rock, Boulder, Round, Stone, Nature - Free ...

Bingham, that is! This is a rock. This rock cares more for private property Rights than “Mr. Property” Bob Bingham. Thankfully he only has a two-year term!

This is a rock. This rock has more sense than most everyone who voted for Bob Bingham. (Yes, we apologize. We should have seen it coming and taken sides…Leslie Duncan, forgive us!) Why did we believe him?

Anyway, Mr. “I’ve got a 9th-grade education”, we hope McDonald’s has a position for you in two years! You should start looking for a job now. Apparently, that will take you more time to find than it did for you to discover that you are better able to spend our money than we are!

Prediction: Bingham Bounced 2018 – Filios Wins 2020

Why??? Because we knew what we were getting with Filios and he’s way better than Stewie. Bingham, however, fooled us all! 

Hat’s off to Marc Eberlein, he told us what he was. He showed us what he is. We thank him for being a real Conservative!

Chris Filios, hitch your wagon to Commissioner Eberlein. He’ll make you look like a star! Hang with Bingham, you’ll sink like the rock he is!

Bah Bye, Bobby! The end can’t come soon enough!