A Big Win for Kootenai County

The citizens of Kootenai County won big last night, almost sweeping the entire slate of stale moderates. Congratulations to:


Marc Eberlein- Sends Tondee home, and Herzog to his umpteenth next election with 53.74% of the vote.

Dave Stewart- Won with 100% of the vote.

Jim Brannon- A resounding win with 64.46%  of voters approving him.

Steve Matheson- Wins a squeaker with 50.08%.

Mike McDowell- Our favorite from the previous slate with 85.01%.



Steve Vick- Unopposed, and still elected.

Vito Barbieri- District 2 voters approve with  67.19%.

Eric Redman- Sends Ed ‘More Jobs’ Morse packing his bags with 55.60% of the vote.

Bob Nonini- The race DooFo said was Whalens’ apparently wasn’t. Nonini with 64.70%.

Ron Mendive- Congrats with 65.89% of the vote.

Don Cheatham- Tells Jeff Ward to pound sand with 39.89%.

Mary Souza- Wins out over Big Money Goedde with 52.69%

Kathy Sims- Voters say no to Democrat Rick Currie. Sims with 61.71%.

Congrats to Toby Shindelbeck for coming within 180 votes of sending Luke “Potty Mouth” Malek packing.

More updates later-




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