A Class Act…

screen-capture…Jim Brannon that is!  We’re sorry to see him drop out of the C’dA Mayoral race, but we understand why he did.

Looks like it will be Mayor Mary…that’s good too…who we predict will win the election by a pretty healthy margin…so long as the Canadians stay home this time!

By the way, Mary will win in spite of…not because of…the help of the Phony “Reagan Republicans”.

Stay in the game Jim, we need you!


3 Responses to A Class Act…

  1. kmorris says:

    I’m proud that Jim made this decision. This was a “class act.” I understand that Steve, Amy, and Kiki were at the Progressive Dinner the other night which was hosted by the democrats. I think this should tell us all we need to know about Steve Widmyer and his fellow travelers.

    As for your comment about “Phony Reagan Republicans” — I think you are well aware that changes are being made. Chester, if your goal is for the promotion of conservative ideas in N. Idaho … it would probably be to your benefit NOT to attack an organization that is actively reaching out and recruiting people who I think you would count among your friends.


    Jeremy Morris

    Note From Chester: Thanks for the comment Jeremy and the Intel about Widmyer…we’re all Mary Souza fan’s here at HQ. (Mary was one of our first “Chuckle Champion Award” winners.) RE: the RR’s though, vote’s still out. If changes are afoot and they become a real Conservative organization, rather than a mouth piece for Uncle Jeff and his Strategery cabal, then count us in. We’ll make nice with them. We’ll keep watching and we hope you are successful in your efforts to bring all real Conservatives to the table. BTW, have you thought about reaching out to John Green and his Merry Band of Liberty Minded Republicans? Would make for a bigger party at RR if they would join.

  2. Randy_Myers says:

    I will predict Mary will NOT win the election. I’ll bet a Hudson’s hamburger and a coffee on it “Chester”

    Comment From Chester: Make it Nosworthys and a Rootbeer and you’re on!

  3. kmorris says:

    Chester — I recently connected with Mr. Green at an anti-ULUC event. I definitely see more room for involvement with the RRs. I am adamant that conservatives of different stripes need to stick together to oppose the greater threat of liberalism. Having said that—I am also of the opinion that there are issues with the national RLC regarding abortion which will likely make the prospect of bringing these groups together—a more challenging proposition. Nonetheless, an effort is underway and I’m doing what I can to help. Obviously, I cannot comment on here publicly about some of the things that we are doing … and giving that “Chester” is anonymous … it makes communicating these efforts with you somewhat challenging. [Something redacted by Chester was here]


    Note from Chester: Glad to hear you are working to build bridges! Imagine that, Green is anti-ULUC? We thought he was only anti-IRS and Federal Reserve…he’s such a Contraian! (But we like him anyway!) As far as the national RLC is concerned, they will change or die! The Idaho gang of RLC’ers is much more in line with the Main Stream America’s notion of “Liberty”. BTW, we’ve had some complaints about the regularity of our posts and comments here. Everyone please keep in mind that we all work for a living around here. Also remember, if you send us comments or questions that you want to remain private, please mention it in the email. We will always honor your privacy upon request!

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