An answer to Steve Widmyer’s supporters.

puppetSeems as though we struck a nerve with some supporters of Steve Widmeyer.  While most of the comments are of a similar vein, one of the more interesting comments was from a, located somewhere in Coeur d’Alene. Upon reading it, there was debate whether to post it or throw it out with the rest of the “don’t hurt Precious”, oops we mean don’t hurt Steve.  After thinking it over, we decided this comment is going to be used as an example to illustrate how some people will always be Lemmings, no matter what the weight of the evidence, contrary to their cause.

Here is the comment: “Since when is being a successful self-made business man a fault.  You need to fine tune your facts.  Steve does not own a restaurant downtown and the two “beauty boutiques” are clothing stores.  Your readers need to know that you are manipulating “facts” to suit your agenda.  Anyone that knows Steve personally knows him to be an honest family man that has never been anyone’s puppet. Elect Steve Widmyer if you want a future!  The voters should feel fortunate to finally have someone step up to the plate that has the credentials that Steve has.”

Let’s analyze this sentence by sentence:

First- There is nothing wrong about someone having having a thick portfolio of investments–that isn’t the question. The question at hand, is Steve seeking the position of mayor to protect and enlarge his wallet? Even if he is running with the best of intentions, can a normal human being elected to an office that can affect so much of their personal asset base resist the temptation for self dealing?  Even inadvertently? As said in the original post, Steve stands to win or lose the most depending on who is elected mayor, and what that spells for the future of urban renewal in Coeur d’Alene.

Second- Our facts are accurate, yet you fault us on two minor technicalities that don’t make a hill of beans. The first fact in question is the location of the restaurant. Steve owns the Fort Grounds Grill, which is a stones throw from downtown, and lies in the same urban renewal district as downtown. But to satisfy the legalistic crowd, we’ve changed the description to close-to-downtown. As for the identification of the two women’s stores he owns, they are women’s boutiques–yeah we mistakenly called them ‘beauty’ instead of ‘womens’ stores. Sigh, most people wouldn’t get their panties wadded over such detail, but we’ve corrected that too. But more importantly you read the post and said the facts are wrong, yet your beef lies in two minor things most people could care less about. Chuckleberries Online has no agenda to misstate facts, we offer the truth the main media refuses to offer.

Third- We have no reason to believe that Steve is not honest man, and by all appearances he does well in business. Yet the power of greed is a strong temptation for men in his position and with his business associations. If for one minute you expect the voters to swallow the idea that a guy that’s on a first name basis with the elite of this town, including Duane “Daddy-Warbucks” Hagadone, to give the citizens a fair shake without looking at his bottom-line first, you’re seriously deluded.  The point is he’s too well connected with the ruling cabal in Coeur d’Alene, and as with all cabals they look out for each other first, second, third, and so on. Go blow smoke somewhere else.

Fourth- Don’t waste your time with advertising for Stevie-boy here, there are far to many conflicts of interest for him to be considered a viable candidate for mayor. The citizens of Coeur d’Alene would be better suited voting in a mannequin, at least they’d not have to worry about getting robbed by urban renewal schemes and there’d always be a happy smile from the mayor’s seat (unlike now).

Supporters of Steveo be warned, there is so much more we will be posting about your crusader.  Stay tuned perhaps you’ll learn something that’ll change your mind about voting for him. Better yet, tell him to bow out of the race and be a good business owner.  We’ll stop posting about him immediately!

…but then again, who cares what we think!!!???

Chester The Jester

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  1. jmchugh12 says:

    Your comments about Steve Widmeyer enforces my support for him.

    Note From Chester: Oh, well, everyone can’t have the same good taste in Politicos as us…pitty!

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