An Open Letter to Jeff Ward and Ron Lahr…

Dear Jeff Ward and Ron Lahr,

Talk is cheap and we’re calling on you to put up or shut up!

The property owners of Kootenai county are stirred up about the proposed land use code being shoved down their throats.  The two county commissioner candidates your group endorsed, are responsible for spearheading the drive for this restricting and  oppressive  code.  If we rewind the clock to late April 2012, both Tondee and Green backed off  their pre-election stance on the land use code.  They began pacifying the masses by telling them citizens would have a major say in the new land use codes.  They claimed they wanted input, and would never do anything to harm private property rights.

It’s amazing how quickly the luster of pre-election platitudes wear off!  They are back to step one, again driving the land use code as fast as possible with no say in the matter from citizens.  Sure, they claim they want citizen input…but that’s just patronizing at its basest level!  They do not listen, they do not answer questions, they do not accept input, they cringe at criticism and they keep the momentum going strong to achieve their goal. Full implementation of a code they have already written, but pretend is being developed, is the end of their game.

The question, Jeff and Ron, is this.  Are you for or against the proposed land use code advocated by the county commissioner candidates you endorsed? If you are against them, what steps is your organization going to take to stand up for the rights of the property owners of Kootenai County?

Feel free to leave your answer as a comment on this thread, or send it via e-mail.  We’ll post it in full.

Your silence on this matter will be seen as an acknowledgement that you are in full support of the proposed land use code.

We’ll be waiting!



2 Responses to An Open Letter to Jeff Ward and Ron Lahr…

  1. summer says:

    We need to remember to pray for these men. Only God truly knows their heart and only God can change them.

    (Note from Chester: Indeed!)

  2. EllsR.Ellsworth says:

    sounds like it is time for the Reagan Republicans to pull endorsement from Tondee and Green.

    (Note from Chester: It’s a case of pot meets kettle with the faux Reagan Republicans and their candidates!)

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