And the award for the best verbal black eye to a Liberal goes to…

Brent Regan!  Woo Hoo, fist pumps and all that…

Local Eye Doc – Justin Stormo Gipson took a hit…well deserved we might add…when he made a feeble attempt to dis Rick Santorum’s position on contraception and “when life begins” should stick to eye’s Doc… his comments are not worth repeating, but this is…

How did Brent Regan deliver the verbal (well written anyway) one-two, to the very Liberal orbit of the very misguided Doc Stormo G? … well, with this:

“Dr. Gipson is committing intellectual malpractice when he says “Mr. Santorum wants to prohibit people from using birth control because he has drawn his line in the sand at fertilization.”

Mr. Santorum’s faith teaches that unique life begins at conception, and indeed the unique DNA that went on to become Dr. Gipson was first expressed at that point. The word “conception” is a clue. After this initial, critical step there are many following steps. One is Gastrulation where the morphology of the embryo changes from spherical to toroidal, a tube where one end will develop into the mouth and the an*us at other end. Tragically, 20% of the time this process is reversed and the ends are swapped. These embryos will develop into liberals.

Faith teaches morality, not law. Mr. Santorum has not proposed banning of birth control. His opponents claim that he wants that, but there are no facts to support that diagnosis.”

Whaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa!  (Sorry, we shouldn’t make light of the suffering of dumb animals Liberals…BTW, no doctor was actually harmed in the posting of Brent’s comments)

Way to go Brent!

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