Apparently, We Hit A Nerve…

…with our last post.  Of the comments we received, only two were “publishable.” Even Chester couldn’t “Chuckle Up” the rest to make them reader friendly… and so it goes! The “Mason” symbol was not an “insider” post. That there is a group, internationally organized, is not conspiracy wack-a-doodleness, it’s a fact. Are you doubting that someone is ruining our economy, debasing our currency, trying to destroy our families, deprive us of our liberty and any other host of bad things we experience on a daily basis? Are you nuts?

The problem with us (that’s everyone folks) is that we very clearly fall into one of the two types of Americans…that is, there are stupid Americans and ignorant Americans. The good news is that ignorant Americans can learn!

So what are we to do now? How do we heal our collective ignorance?

We’re working on that. We’re sick of being a news slave to the corrupt people that push their own agenda through the “Mainstream Media.”

Complain or help…it’s your choice…

Stay tuned!

P.S. If you really don’t know what the symbol we included in our last post was…heal your ignorance…a good place to start is “Behind The Lodge Door”.

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