Award Nominations…

…Now being accepted for Chuckle Champions, Chuckleheads and Knuckleheads!

So far we’ve had several suggestions including:

Chuckle Champions: (Folks who promote Truth, Liberty and Conservative Ideals)

Jeff Altus, Tina Jacobson, John Cross, Marc Eberlein and Ron Mendive!


Chuckleheads: (Folks who do Liberal-ish stuff, and have given us a laugh)

Jeff Ward, Ron Lahr, Doo-ane and Linda Cook!

Knuckleheads: (Folks who do stupid stuff, Liberal or otherwise)

Linda Cook and Ron Lahr!

Send us your nominations and please tell us why you are nominating the person for each award.  Make as many nominations as you like!

Winners will be announced in September, 2012. All nominees will receive an personally autographed picture of Chester!

Send your nominations to:

P.S. As always, your nominations will be kept confidential if you ask us to!

One Response to Award Nominations…

  1. Aliceinthelookinglass says:

    Doofo is in a category all to himself.

    (Chester speaks- DooFo is the mouthpiece for those that wish to destroy your liberty…and agreed he’s in a league of his own.)

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