Beware of the Mainstream Media: Few, If Any, Americans Trust Them

MediaOwnershipConsolidationIn a recent Gallup Poll, June 13, 2013, over three quarters of respondents said they did not trust mainstream newspapers.  Twenty three percent said they “had confidence” in newspapers indicating that 77% of Americans do not trust the newspapers. 

Also suffering from a crisis of confidence is television news, who also scored down in the gutter with newspapers with 77% of Americans stating that they do not trust what they see on TV’s nightly news.

The Gallup Poll article is entitled “Americans’ Confidence in Congress Falls to Lowest on Record”.  At the bottom of the list was Congress with a mere 10% approval rating.   The Gallop Poll results can be seen here:

Now we hear of various proposals to license media outlets, journalists and bloggers.  Most government regulation is rooted in attempts to create monopolistic conditions in the private sector.  It was the railroads that lobbied for the creations of the Interstate Commerce Commission in the 1800’s.  And early in the last century the big food corporations and large pharmaceutical companies lobbied for the creation of the Food and Drug Administration.  This is not just big government, or socialist government; it is fascist government, the marriage of government and big business.

In the first $700 billion bailout of our most recent economic crisis, MSNBC got a $500 million federal grant, yet they did not create a single job.  What MSNBC is, including the rest of the mainstream media, is fascist media.    How else do you explain away a $500 million federal government injection into MSNBC?

But it is not only the mainstream media that wants to license the dissemination of the news, the government wants to create these licenses too.  Why shouldn’t they?  It is the alternative media that is breaking all the more recent whistleblower news, to the embarrassment of the government.  Both the government and the dinosaur media are losing the narrative.  With the new technologies that are available, citizen journalists can get a million views on a YouTube video, when CNN will have fewer viewers than that on a typical episode of the evening news.  Go alternative media Go!

A Note from Chester: This excellent article was submitted by an anonymous patriot from Kootenai County.  Examples on a local level of media corruption would be DooFo (yeah we know he’s just an overpaid blogger) or Betsy Russell, both at the Spokesman Repuke.

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