Bob Nonini…A Mason’s Best Friend…


Bob and his boy Luke…is this weird?

Well, some of them anyway…

Bob and Cathyann Nonini were very vocal about their fight against Don Cheatham because….well…he is, after all, a Free Mason! (It’s just a club to Don, we discovered!)

But they had no trouble supporting Ben Wolfinger, who is a Free Mason, against Catholic John Green! (Great Catholic example Mr. & Mrs. Nonini…NOT!)

Don Cheatham won…Thank goodness! Ben Wolfinger won…Lord help us!

Conservatives are already talking about how to help Bob Nonini join Stewie in the ranks of the Former Politician Hypocrites Club!

A big THANK YOU to:

Kathy Sims

John Green

Art Macomber

All three of these solid conservatives lost due directly to the help Bob Nonini gave to their opponents! Let’s never forget that fact!

The Good News…

Stewie’s Toast!

Doo-ane and Fred Who…down in flames

Ann Seddon put the final nail in the Nonini plan…Bu-By Riggs! Glad we know ya not!

The Bad News…

DooFo won’t be moving to Spokanistan!

One Response to Bob Nonini…A Mason’s Best Friend…

  1. Idaholiving says:

    Are you happy now, Chester, for helping Bingham get on the November ballot by buckling under the pressure of Brent Regan and not following through with the Bingham expose that is well due?

    If you only knew what I know,if you only knew, I would hope you’d be ashamed enough to apologize publicly to the principled and qualified lady who fought an honorable fight against the Regan clan because she wanted to serve our community bearing much to offer, but no baggage–unlike Bingham, who is much detached from KC residents and will serve his kingmaker, Regan, well.

    [Note from Chester: Sorry Idaholiving, you get no apology from us. We had NO, 0, ZIP, ZILCH, evidence of anything Bob Bingham did that would prove that he had any history of misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance! We Chester’s, decided that we could live with Duncan or Bingham (It was a close vote) so we were not about to fan the flames which might have resulted in DooAne getting more votes. With regard to Brent Regan as a “King Maker”, get off of that. He’s one of the sharpest and hardest working people in the real Conservative group. He had friends, some very close friends, that disagreed with his support for Bob. He hasn’t walked away from them. They just disagreed! No secret that Lesile Duncan was your pick. We’re impressed. Some were suspicious. It’s history now. Time to move on! Oh, and by the way…Brent Regan never contacted us or applied any pressure to hold the Bob story. We did get a request from a Duncan supporter to hold the story. He did it because he liked Duncan and Bingham and thought the story would do more harm than good. We agreed! BUT LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT! WE DON’T BOW TO PRESSURE FROM NO ONE FOR ANY REASON! You would know that if you read us from the beginning.]

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