Breaking…John Green Wears Orange!…

…and that was the important part of the story!

After 2 hours of shadowing yesterdays ULUC protest and taking, as observers estimated, several hundred photo’s, Duane Razzmussen puts his best work on display for the world to see on…

Wait for it… wait for it…drum roll please…

…HBO…woo hoo!  (The picture was on their site…really…we mean it…it’s our duty to report this important news…)

And the subject of his “artful” efforts?  None other than the man with the plan…Sheriff’s Candidate John Green! (…if you hadn’t noticed, John is a frequent target subject of the big Phantom Photog…PP must really like the guy!)

Takes a man of confidence and conviction to take 2 hours out of his day to participate in a protest over a very important issue like the sinister (yes, it’s really that bad) ULUC…

…and do it is such a stylish way! John is, indeed, the big guy in the Hunter Orange Fleece…another strong statement from a guy who’s not afraid to take a stand! (Can you say “John Green – 2016)?

…mean while…the “Phantom Photographer” stayed in the shadows snapping away.


 The “Shadow” knows…(No one else cares!)

 Hey…where did John Green go????

 Let’s see…how does this work again????

 Surrounded by his friends and admirers! Alas, the life of a Phantom is lonely!

 Who’s he shooting now?

Hey…is that you Waldo?

Who is that Phantom?

 Aww…it’s just Doo-ane


So Doo-ane…what’s your game????

Oh, BTW folks…don’t bother Google-ing “Agenda 21”…start your research here:

Don’t like JBS?  Get a life…cause you must be a Liberal!

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P.S. Thanks Duane for giving us a laugh!

2 Responses to Breaking…John Green Wears Orange!…

  1. adonis says:

    Alright, I’ve had enough. I know redistribution is evil and I never agree with it, but I’m going to take a stand here and make an exception.

    Mr. Rasmussen’s Canon luxury lens should be redistributed to me, due to gross negligence in its handling as depicted in that final image.

    Mr. Rasmussen, on the off-chance you ever read this, I really do respect that you were able to afford that beautiful lens. I hope to someday own one myself. I also respect your interest in photography. Some of your photos are excellent! However, I urge you to please take care of your photography equipment.

    In this case, you are not supporting the lens properly. You have a lens on the camera body that weighs roughly three pounds. That’s a lot of weight for the ring that connects the body to the lens. Over time that ring will begin to pull away from the body and you will begin seeing haziness and/or over-exposed areas at the top of your photos due to light leakage through the forming gap. In extreme cases, that ring may even begin to bend.

    When you have a heavy lens on your camera, if you are holding just the body you should have the lens pointed straight up or straight down in order to minimize the stress in the lens-body connection. If you have it at even the slightest angle, you should have one hand on the body and the other supporting the lens. This way your equipment will last longer and it won’t lead to eventual expensive repairs on the camera.

    And one last fun fact: if you ever use that lens on a tripod setup, please remember to use the tripod mount that is on the lens, not the one on the camera. Your camera body’s weight puts a lot less stress on the connecting ring than the lens does. Best wishes in your continuing photography hobby! 🙂

    Sorry for the interruption in political programming here, but that PSA was vital in my opinion. As you were.


    (Note from Chester: Thanks for the comment Adonis. We’ve had several pro’s critique Duane’s photo prowess and they had similar comments. However, you must have seen way more photo’s of Duane’s than we have, cause we ain’t seen even one photo of his that is remotely “excellent”.)

  2. Aliceinthelookinglass says:

    I heard that Doo-ane doesn’t need to use care cause the Feds (—) would just buy him a replacement.

    (Note from Chester: Hmmmmmmm…the plot thickens…as they say! We had an email from someone who overheard the following: Protestor: “Hey, Duane, what do you do with all those pictures you take?” Duane: “I send them to the Stazi, or who ever.” Was he joking??????)

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