Brent Regan Class Act…Luke Malek…Class Clown!

Regan, Brent smileWell, we were expecting a bloodbath and all we got was Tootsie Rolls!

In a strange twist of events the Repub ReOrg meeting last night included…much to the surprise of everyone…especially Brent Regan…the nomination of Brent Regan for County Chair.  That was followed by the nomination of Little Loukey Malek.

Of course, after waiting for nominations to close and giving a rousing talk on Party Unity, Brent withdrew his name from nomination for the sake of Unity!  Way to go Brent…showing unity by being united behind Neil!!! Whoot Whoot!

Little Loukey ran to the podium as quickly as his little pegs would carry him…to withdraw his name too…in the name of “unity”…what ever Luke…and to save his little behind from suffering a second political humiliation and a sound behind whuppin!

Hey…Luke, did you congratulate Toby on his election as State Committeeman??? Didn’t think so…and of course what we have to say is….Toby! Toby! Toby! Toby!

The LiePAC Mopes were suspiciously quiet last night…any guesses why? Licking their wounds I suppose. Even the Flatulent Photographer was conspicuously absent last night…wattsamatter Doo-ane…still crying in your beer????

Honorable mentions to Tom Robinson and Michael Scott…two solid Conservatives that we’re proud to have on our team!

3 Responses to Brent Regan Class Act…Luke Malek…Class Clown!

  1. kmorris says:

    Although I don’t always agree with Brent on strategy … I often find that many of his insights are more informed than my years of legal and campaign experience. This is likely due to the fact that experience and passion are important … but principles and humility are the cornerstone of any man of integrity. Perhaps part of the genius behind Brent’s political prowess is that he hasn’t been “doing politics” his whole life. And this allows him to call it the way he sees it. I think that’s exactly what the Republican Party in Kootenai County needs at this time. I consider Brent more than just a friend and political mentor. He’s the father-figure I never had.

    [Note from Chester: Wow, that’s deep! Thought I’d say he was my mentor too, but as a Jester that would ruin the mood. Thanks for sharing on such a personal level!)

  2. kmorris says:

    Good point Chester on keeping things upbeat. Keep churning out those parodies.

    Regarding Brent … Not to sound cliche, but I would literally put myself in front of a bullet for that guy. But if I failed to stop that bullet … my gut tells me that he would bleed red, white, and blue. He’s the real deal.

  3. mrsmimiwhite says:

    I believe that Brent has great leadership skills and that his actions are based upon principle not politics.

    [Note from Chester: Agreed!]

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