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…Getting Closer

The World Is Insane…Soros Is A Criminal!


Breaking…Dungeons And Dragons On The Bench??? Oh, My….

nopetersonJudge Clark A Peterson plays Dungeons and Dragons while on the Bench???? Hearing cases?????

If this is true, we cannot tolerate that behavior!  This from the Vote No on Judge Clark A. Peterson Facebook Page:

“LOOK EVERYONE! We made the Spokesman Review again!!! Twice in one week! ”


“We need your help! “Vote NO to “Demon Lord Judge Peterson” facebook is catching on with folks all over. The Spokesman-Review has done 3 articles on us in the last week. We are organizing a picket of the Kootenai County Courthouse Wednesday, November 2 at 9:00 am with TV news coverage. The Coeur d’Alene Press is looking into a possible article on us. We still need to get word out to EVERYONE in Kootenai County. 51% of the vote will get him out! We can send flyers to 97% of homes in the county via the Press if we can scrape the cash together. The cost is in the thousands. ANY amount will help. Can you spare $5, $10, or a larger amount? The link is here: ”

Grrrrr…got our blood boiling today….

Judges are required to avoid even the appearance of impropriety! This just blows propriety out of the water!

Think this conduct is unacceptable from a Judge? Let’s make this go viral!!! Share this post with friends and post to Facebook!

Back to sleep now….us anyway…until next year…subject to breaking news, of course!

You Can Call Me Ray…Or You Can Call Me RJ…

youcancallmerayAnd other exciting election stuff!

So, we were sitting around enjoying a few IPA’s the other night, debating among ourselves whether we should post on the November election.

We narrowed it to a few races we thought worth talking about and had the following discussion…well, bits and pieces of it anyway…punctuated by lots of good beer…:

President: Trump…then we paused for a moment of silence in remembrance of the good old United States of America…

Senator: Ray Writz…”what, are you serious” said a couple Chester’s in unison…”Well, is Crapo a Conservative?” It was unanimous…Ray Writz…Lord help us, but yes, it was Ray Writz…

Congress: Raul Labrador…of course! There weren’t even any comments or jokes…However, one of us got the death glare when she said…”What about Raul or Russ?” ….She bought the next two rounds….too early to get started there, but it was unanimous…Russ! Russ! Russ! ….stay in Congress Raul! (Sure we’ll post lots on this next year)

We didn’t discuss Vito and Redman…no need…slam-dunk for both!

Sheriff: Everyone said they were writing in John Green….”but he’s not a write in candidate, we’d waste our vote” offered one hold out… Response: Ok, Spanky or Tiny Tina? …Reply: “Good point…John Green for Sheriff!”

(Hey Sheriff Green, we saw your new slogan on FB “In the words of the most interesting Politician in the world….Stay Ignorant, my Friends!” Priceless…Hey Mrs. Green, please let him run again!)

Mary Souza….”What about her?” Could be close, but we’re guessing she’ll pull it off! Go Mary!

“Kathy Sims?” …”What about her?” ….”Writing her in too!”… “What about the new dude?”….”Who? The Paul “I’m only here 5 years and never been a Republican before, but Otter PAC and NoNotnini like me so vote for me” Amador?”… “No thanks! We’re writing in Kathy Sims!” “Yeah, if we’re gonna throw a way our vote, it’s gonna be for a good guy” (Gal!)

“What about the NIC board?”… “There’s only one guy running, Todd Banducci!”, …“No there’s another guy…what’s his name?” “Hey, did you hear what I said? Todd Banducci!” “Ok, yeah, he is the Conservative…who cares what the other guys name is!”

County Commissioner: Bob “9th Grade Education” Bingham, or Russell “Think I got me some college, won’t prove it, but think it” McLaine. Eeny Meeny Miney Mo…McLaine’s got a potty mouth, so on him we vote no! Better not let us down Bingham!

The final decision was on Fillios and McHugh…was unanimous…we’ll all give them both an extra, unnecessary vote!

That’s it folks! We’re going dark until 2017…May God help us all! When it’s President Hillary…we’re toast! (Sorry to say, we think it will be!)

PS. We really shouldn’t close out the year without giving a hearty Atta’ Boy to Commissioner Marc Eberlein! One hard working, intelligent, honest guy, who always looks out for us little peon taxpayers! Thanks for bringing a breath of fresh air to County government Mr. Eberlein!  Here’s to hoping Chris Fillios and Bob Bingham can step up and represent us like you do!

PSS: Farewell Dan Green! We’re disappointed you chose Ben “Career Taxpayer Leech” Wolfinger over Sheriff John Green…Green was certainly the better man!  However, we’re not gonna change our admiration for your commitment to public service. We meant it when we said you were a Class Act! Good luck to you in the future!.

Ok, We’ll Give Her This….

trophytinaTiny Tina is Smarter Than Ben “I want a raise” Wolfinger:

Now don’t read too much into this folks, but…

This from Tina’s Facebook Page about the recent Pravda On The Lake piece about Deputies jumping from the sinking ship for more money!!!!

Says Tina:

“What most people don’t see is the big picture. The Press (and the deputies & Sheriff) leaves out important information to incite an emotional response. Sgt. Scott Maxwell is complaining that his insurance is going to go up $130/mo. for himself, his wife and his child ($43.33/ea) (It’s actually only $117.92 more with only one child and his spouse since he’s going from 3 children down to one). However, he did not mention that he got a $5.72/hr wage increase (19.4%!!). On 2/16/15, he was earning $29.44/hr or $61,235.20/yr. On 8/31/16, he is earning $35.16/hr or $73,136.96/yr. He is making $991.82/mo. more and he is complaining that his insurance for his whole family went up $117.92/mo.?! Spokane Sheriff employees have to pay a premium of 9% for their family, which at Scott’s rate would be $548.53/mo.! And Sgt. Jon Brandel shouldn’t be complaining. On 2/16/15, he was earning $30.32/hr or $63,065.60/yr. On 8/31/16, he is earning $37.23/hr or $77,440.48/yr. He didn’t mention that he got a $6.91/hr wage increase (22.8%!!). He’s making $1,197.91/mo. more! And just as a side note,…Bradley Wolfinger, the Sheriff’s son, got a 30.2% increase in his pay, from $22.36/hr to $29.11/hr! And this is not including any life insurance (equal to the annual salary up to a max of 100k-provided by the county), overtime, vacation (8-16 hrs ea mo depending on yrs worked-up to 240 hrs/yr) or sick pay (4 hrs every pay period). Now, don’t get me wrong,…I believe the deputies should be paid well, however, they shouldn’t be complaining about getting 20%,…25%,…30% or more in wage increases with their great benefits, when even unions don’t negotiate anything close to that. A good sheriff would not be continuing to spread this misinformation to further hurt the morale in the office. As sheriff, I will lead with honesty & integrity to boost morale and retain the deputies needed to protect the people.”

They got a raise and they’re still quitting??????? Somebody needs to get their story straight…..BBBBBBEEEEEEENNNNNNNN?

Hmmmmm, somethings rotten in C’dAistan! (At Bens’ digs anyway!) Tina is apparently on to something!

See the original on Tina’s Facebook Page here:

You got to scroll down folks…it ain’t going to jump to the top!