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Beware of the Mainstream Media: Few, If Any, Americans Trust Them

MediaOwnershipConsolidationIn a recent Gallup Poll, June 13, 2013, over three quarters of respondents said they did not trust mainstream newspapers.  Twenty three percent said they “had confidence” in newspapers indicating that 77% of Americans do not trust the newspapers. 

Why The National GOP is Doomed…[Updated]

…because stupid people keep electing stupid “Republicans”, like Lindsey Graham!


Question: Does the “President” have authority to kill non-combatant Americans on U.S. soil?

Answer by Sen. Lindsay Graham: “I do not believe that question deserves an answer”

Be afraid…be very afraid!

Way to go all you Liberals out there who took Graham to task…all NONE of you!


This just in…with thanks to Sen. Rand Paul… the Liar in Chief’s chief liar just sent an answer to the question posed by Senator Rand Paul R-KY:


In other news…Sen. Lindsey “Bozo” Graham, R-S.C., criticized Paul for posing the question. “I find the question offensive,” he said on the Senate floor this morning.

We’ll all sleep better now…won’t we? (How about it Gressler? You’ll sleep better knowing that BO claims he won’t allow his World Wide Drone Lovefest to blast Idahoans to oblivion…won’t you?)

Coming Next Week…Freshman Legislative Review…Reports on Mendive, Malek and Morse….stay tuned!