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And AlmostInnocentBystander is…

The day many in North Idaho have been awaiting for has finally arrived.  The identity of a HBO commenter known as Almost Innocent Bystander, who made libelous comments about Tina Jacobson, has been revealed.

Behold A Pale Horse…

…coming soon to Cd’A!

You won’t want to miss this movie:

They’re Here…They’re Real…They Want To Control…

…ignore them at your peril!

Time to shine the light…are you listening Brother Ben? Your secrets are not safe with us!

Is It Just Us?…

…or does anyone else think we are in desperate need of a real news source in North Idaho?

Soooooooo, we were thinking (yes, that happens around here occasionally) that we could:

A. Boycott the local “newspaper” until they started acting like journalists.

B. Give up and let our beloved Idaho go to hell with the rest of America.

C. Create our own media outlet with folks who at least acted like “journalists”.

What say you?


Breaking…DFO Plugs Spencer For Commish!…

…Well, it’s on his blog… so it must be true…see:

For all you Spencer doubters out there…hold you nose if you have to, but…JUST DO IT!

[Note from the Closet:  Chester is off today for the election.  The inmates are incharge of the asylum in his absence…No, we’re not!..Shut up stupid!…Who you calling stupid, you idiot!…anyway, go Vote and leave us crazy conservatives alone! No More Posts Today!]