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Breaking…John Green Wears Orange!…

…and that was the important part of the story!

After 2 hours of shadowing yesterdays ULUC protest and taking, as observers estimated, several hundred photo’s, Duane Razzmussen puts his best work on display for the world to see on…

Wait for it… wait for it…drum roll please…

There’s plenty of water folks

An oft repeated lie by the supports of the proposed land use code is they’re protecting the aquifer from running dry.  People fresh here from out of state and even some long time residents nod in agreement, not knowing they’ve been hoodwinked by the Land Use Czars.

Liberal Logic- Lesson 1

In an ongoing series we’ve decided to tackle the broad, ever expanding subject of liberal logic.  While they give more than enough material to fill several posts each day, lets start off with giving just one example per week.  This week’s lesson will be on property rights.

Guest opinion on ULUC from the County Centinel

The following was submitted by one of our loyal readers, the County Centinel.  It was his response to Terry ‘The Tree-Hugger” Harris over at Kootenai Environmental Alliance’s website.  Enjoy.