Dan Green – A Class Act!

DanielGreen…and we’re not kidding! You know, we’ve taken a few cheap shots at Dan over the last few years (Who are we kidding? All our shots are cheap!)

But, believe it or not, we’re kind of sad to see Dan Green go! Despite the yucks we’ve had at his expense, there are a few things we’ve come to know about Dan Green:

He’s a gentleman, he’s impeccably honest and he cares deeply about our community!

Farewell Dan and may God bless you in what ever your future holds! You are most certainly a Class Act!

Yer Pal, 

Chester (All of us…it was unanimous!)

(…and now back to our regularly scheduled program…Tiny Tina, Fred Meckel and David Stewart in the same election cycle!!!! Oh Boy…is this gonna be fun!)

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