Dear Senators…The Ball Is In Your Hands…Please Don’t Drop It!

Pogo_-_Earth_Day_1971_posterHow prophetic Mr. Kelly, how sadly prophetic!

Idaho Senators, WAKE UP!  You cannot protect us from ourselves!

The State of Idaho is NOT or Mommy or our Nanny! We have a right to make stupid decisions if we choose to. 

However, as history has shown, stupid decisions on our behalf are more often made by the Government.

Idaho Senators, WAKE UP! You must vote no on HB181!

Attention all you Liberty Hating, Nanny State Busy Body, Republican Pretending, Big Government Promoting, Health Choice Denying, members of the Idaho House that voted yes on HB181…


S-H-A-M-E  O-N  Y-O-U!

In the mean time, there is still time! Senators we call on you to do your duty. Vote NO on HB181! Preserve our Right to Health Care of OUR Choosing. Don’t serve up our freedom on a platter to a few who want to limit competition and deprive us of options.

We found this helpful information today while Trolling Facebook:

Karen Calisterio‎ Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho (Check out her Facebook exchange with Rep. Eric Redman on this issue)
NOTICE: HB 181 (Naturopathic Bill) will be heard in the Senate Health & Welfare Committee on Monday, March 16th @ 3 PM, Room WW54. EVERYONE THAT CAN GET THERE NEEDS TO GET THERE! Write ALL Committee Members ASAP to oppose this bill. Also write to all of Idaho’s Senators at-large to oppose this bill.

I’ve haven’t seen a groundswell this big in a long time (most likely many are patients of Idaho naturopaths) vowing to work on defeating legislators who vote for this monstrosity in next year’s election. These out-of-touch legislators have opened up pandora’s box!

Soon as we get the list of Senators who vote for this bill we will be widely publicizing their names along with the House members who voted for it. Their votes and debates on this bill will be very helpful in the next election.

Senate Health & Welfare Committee Members
*Lee Heider (Chair) (R) (208) 332-1347
*Fred Martin (Vice-Chair) (R) (208) 332-1407
*Patti Ann Lodge (R) (208) 332-1407
*Sheryl Nuxoll (R) (208) 332-1355
*Marv Hagedorn (R) (208) 332-1334
*John Tippets (R) (208) 332-1429
*Abby Lee (R) (208) 332-1325
*Dan Schmidt (D) (208) 332-1405
*Maryanne Jordan (D) (208) 332-1352

Here is a link to the Senate Health & Welfare Committee Calendar.…/standingcommitt…/shel.pdf



One Response to Dear Senators…The Ball Is In Your Hands…Please Don’t Drop It!

  1. gdueb says:

    are you really wanting to oppose a law that wants to make sure that practitioners who inject, do minor surgery, order diagnostic tests, get covered by insurance are qualified to do so? All primary health care practitioners in the USA are regulated by national standards not private organizations and I would hope that they are. The good thing about the amended version of HB 181 is that it protects the Smith Ruling which allows unlicensed naturopaths to practice like they always have, assuming they have not been doing anything illegal – without any additional regulation. It also has included a grandfather for qualified chiropractors. I appreciate opposition to too much government control but when it comes to having practitioners potentially harming my body I am all for regulation.

    [Note from Chester: Sorry, but nothing in the bill would do anything to ensure that practitioner did no harm or were actually qualified. It is a bill intended to limit competition…period! The amended bill is sufficient evidence that was the intent all along.]

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