Ed Morse…King of The Cry Babies!…

crybabyWaaaaaa….waaaaaa….doze sneeky widdle Pastors wuz mean to me!  Waaaaa….waaaaa!

And so it goes!!!! Ed Morse, King of the cry babies has decided to complain to the IRS (figures the Bully calls in the Bullies to do his dirty work). Why????

Because, he claims a couple of Pastors broke the “IRS law” (theres no such thing) by starting a PAC (permitted under Idaho law and the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution) and got involved in….horror of horrors…a campaign that didn’t support…Ed Morse (Oh, the humanity!)

Supposedly, he said in an interview with a local “Reporter” …“We just can’t compete with this,” and  “What they did is biased, it’s unethical, it’s immoral and it’s against federal law.”

“Couldn’t compete with this”….are you kidding us??? Morse, you insufferable little twit!   You and your LiePac buddies couldn’t buy the election so now you stoop to this?  We’ll we know where this will end…WITH YOU NOT GOING TO BOISE IN JANUARY! Ha…there is Justice!

Kudos to Robert Schillingstad and Gary Brown for creating the Kootenai Family Council PAC and getting involved…and following the law!  Way to go guys!  

But the bigger question today is….Where is Mike Patrick????  Hey Mike, do you know the Lunatics have taken over the Asylum and the front page of your paper????? Is this what you think is news these days????

Well here’s a novel idea guys…Morse, Selle, Patrick, Liberal Motley Fools and anyone else who engages mouth before using brain try doing a little research before you torture us with another lame brain story like you did on “Pastors and Politics”

If Messers Schillingstad and Brown are in fact Pastors, and if they were speaking on behalf of their church, then they have no need for the IRS’s or anyone else’s permission to speak to things political because it’s their 1st Amendment RIGHT to do so….and….in fact they and all other churches are exempt from the IRS “Tax Exempt Organization” regulations and by law are even exempt from the requirement to….APPLY FOR TAX EXEMPT STATUS PURSUANT TO IRC § 508(c)(1)(A)…

So put that in your sorry ***, sore loser, sour grapes, cry baby bubble pipe and smoke it Ed!

Oh, and one last thing Ed Morse…Bye Bye!

2 Responses to Ed Morse…King of The Cry Babies!…

  1. kmorris says:

    Take note Idaho … interesting how the first thing a fake Republican does when losing an election … he runs to the IRS and attacks churches making the argument that they should be TAXED. Set aside for a moment the fact that the Pravda Press printed this rubbish to begin with. It’s time that the closet left-wingers like Mr. Morse get taught a lesson. There are consequences for publicly making false accusations with absolutely NO legal merit.

    Jeremy Morris
    Hayden, ID

    [Note from Chester: Folks are beginning to think seriously about the concept of Boycott. Wonder if if would have an effect if lots of people started canceling their subscriptions to Pravda on the lake and telling advertisers they won’t trade with anyone who advertises in the Left Leaning “Newspaper”. Hmmmm…if someone could just get it organized!]

  2. The line in the sand... says:

    The funny thing is that Gary Brown supported Ron Vieselmeyer to run against Phil Hart in the 2012 election. That split the vote and Morse won! Now Morse is upset with Gary Brown. As the world turns………..

    [Note from Chester: Kind of strange that Brown and Sleezlemeyer claimed to be Phil Hart’s “friends”. Hopefully, Gary Brown has learned from the experience and is going to stick with real conservatives from now on. We’re watching you Gary Brown…Ron V is a lost cause, who has lost all credibility. Too bad…he coulda been an asset to the cause!]

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