His Hypocrisy Has No Limits!…

dstewartSo, David Stewart complains about the “ethical lapses” of Chris Fillios because Chris receives a small stipend for his internet service. (We wish we could find good internet service for 25 bucks a month!)

and gets some small portion of his duty related milage reimbursed!!!!!????

But Stewie, weren’t you the one who asked (and received) county taxpayers to pay for your expenses to attend a The Lincoln Day Dinner, which is strictly a Republican Party Event?????

Hey, everyone! Let’s see how many of us can request Stewart’s expense reports from the County!!! On second thought, let’s not swamp Jim Brannon’s already overworked staff! 

Somebody get a copy and send it to us. We’ll post it here!!!!

Stewie, have you no shame?

Of course you don’t, or you would have already resigned!

Oh, and BTW Stewie…..

Somebody call the Waaaaaambulance! Poor Stewie…Chuckleberries was mean to him!

Waaaaaaaa! Poor Stewie! Waaaaaaa!

Waaaaaaaa! Poor Stewie! Waaaaaaa!




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  1. Idaholiving says:

    It is my understanding that Stewie has enjoyed numerous personal adventures at the taxpayer expense in county vehicles.

    Chris Fillios will provide the residents of Kootenai County with the kind of morally sound leadership and decision making we deserve.

    Time for Stewie to pack up his county office and hang out in his fancy pole barn house never to impose his immoral character on county citizens again.

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