If Bujack “Can’t Win”…What Is Otter Afraid Of?


Eagle, Idaho, October 14, 2014: Libertarian Candidate for Governor, John Bujak, was excluded from the KTVB debate in Nampa tonight. KTVB claimed that Bujak did not meet eligibility criteria. Bujak disagrees. “That simply is not true. I was required to demonstrate that I had received at least $10,000 in third party donations to my campaign and I did.” Bujak said. “Each time I provided proof, KTVB said it wasn’t good enough and asked for more. In the end, there was no satisfying them even though I had provided campaign finance reports, deposit slips, copies of checks, deposit receipts from the bank, even my banker’s name and phone number.” said Bujak. “There was a clear agenda to keep me out of that debate, regardless of how much proof I provided them.”

Adding to Bujak’s frustration was that another third-party candidate was allowed to participate. “I called Steve Pankey, the Constitutional Party candidate who participated in the debate to ask about his participation. He refused to return my call and told me at the debate that he was told not to communicate with me,” Bujak said. When pressed, Pankey would not disclose who told him not to communicate with Bujak.

Bujak thinks the voters were short changed by KTVB’s actions. “I am the only conservative candidate running for governor. Unlike the other candidates, as governor I would work to stop the expansion of Medicaid, get rid of Common Core, and work to gain control of lands within the state of Idaho currently controlled by the federal government,” Bujak said.

Bujak is scheduled to appear in the Idaho Public Television debate on October 30th with A.J. Balukoff and Gov. Butch Otter. It will be the second and last time all three candidates will appear together in a debate before the general election. “People need to be sure to tune in to this last debate on October 30th. It is important that conservative Idahoans be able to compare the candidates running for governor and get informed so they can make the right choice,” said Bujak. “There is only one candidate who has a plan to govern this state using conservative principles and strategies, and that’s me,” Bujak said.

So, here we go again…Do we stick with the “Party” and support the pretender, or do we vote for the real Conservative, who “can’t win” ? (says who, by the way???) Will insanity reign? Will we do the same thing again and expect a different result?

You be the Judge! As for us…we ain’t the crazy ones!!!!

That’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it!

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