Is DooFo now the Facebook police?

246834_226060084086158_6922385_nIn typical his groveling liberal manner DooFo…you know the blogger and not journalist…has locked his talons into another unsuspecting victim. Instead of giving an attaboy to any of the victors in yesterday’s election, he poured over Facebook looking for someone out of line. Today’s victim was James McMillan our fellow conservative friend from Shoshone County. Well DooFo, lick the drool off your scoured lips and pay attention you ungracious old goat!

If you’ll rewind the clock back to the 2012 primary election there was a bit of turmoil in precinct 16 of Kootenai County. Seems as though Ed Morse’s wife voted via absentee ballot and on election day at the ballot box…and she thought we weren’t looking. Thankfully the elections department was saavy enough to catch the second vote and throw it out (How did she get a second ballot in the first place?  We’d love to know.)

Well the point of this recap is DooFo was made aware of the situation in 2012 at least twice, and again in 2014 according to our sources. Every time he deleted the comments on his blog and let it be known the action’s of Ed’s wife don’t reflect negatively on his campaign. Yet today, the same driveling DooFo skewered James and is now claiming it will negatively taint Shannon McMillan’s tenure as state rep.

How can this be DooFo? How can a possible criminal offense not harm a state rep’s reputation, but a silly venting Facebook post does? Sounds like the ramblings of crazed sore loser…can someone check DooFo’s diaper and please quit giving him prunes.

James, job well done in winning your election! The team at Chuckleberries gives a hat tip to both you and your mother.



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