John Green Responds…

…To Tiny Tina…The Comedy Candidate!


Dear “Chester”,

Judging by the number of notifications I received from supporters about your post on my “Retired” opponent, you are quite a popular guy(s?).

In answer to your question about why I didn’t have a booth at the Kootenai County Fair, the answer is, quite simply, I’m not retired and I have to work for a living. However, my wife and I did manage to squeeze in a couple of hours on Saturday to enjoy the exhibits and sample some tasty food.

As a secondary reason, if one is necessary, people go to the Fair to relax and have fun, not to be harangued by politicians. I hope your readers had fun at the Fair.

With regard to the imaginative stories that my “Retired” opponent was spreading at the Fair, I did have a number of people quote what she was telling people. While I note the old adage, “Desperate people do desperate things”, I still feel compelled to address the items you raised in your blog post. So, here goes:

  1. I am a citizen of the State of Idaho, registered to vote and possessing a valid Idaho Drivers License. It’s an incredible affront to the intelligence of the Kootenai County electorate that I could have pulled the wool over their eyes, twice, by running for public office, all the while secretly remaining a citizen of Texas. Really? That’s the best she can do?
  1. There is no law prohibiting a lawyer from running for public office in the State of Idaho. There is a statute that would make it unlawful for an Idaho Sheriff, or County Clerk, to practice law in Idaho, if he/she were elected. That’s not an issue for me as I’m not licensed to practice law in Idaho and wouldn’t practice law, when elected, in any event.
  1. I am not going to withdraw from the Sheriff’s race. If I were not running, I would never endorse a candidate, for any office let alone Sheriff, who had no education, experience or training relevant to the office they were seeking. In the event Sheriff Wolfinger decides to run for re-election, he will be my opponent. I will not waste time worrying about novelty candidates!

Thank you for allowing me to address these points through your forum. If you have any further questions, you know where to find me.

Yours in Liberty,

John Green, Republican Candidate for
Kootenai County Sheriff 2016

Note from Chester: Well, there you have it gang! Hey Tina, how about your drivers license? Did you have a valid one between 2008 and 2012? We’d like you to prove it…and BTW, we’re still waiting for you to make public the info on your “successful” businesses.  Stay Tuned Folks!

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