Legislature 2013 – Freshman Class Review…

… Short and to the point, we’ll update at the end of the term…



First Glance:

Ron has quickly solidified his reputation as a man of principle. He ran for the house vowing to represent the citizens of his district with an eye toward every true Republicans stance on limited government, lower taxes and individual responsibility.  So far, he’s kept his word.

Over Heard – His Colleagues:

“Ron Mendive is a gentleman!”

“The House didn’t lose Nonini, they gained Mendive!”

Our Rating:

A-  As a Freshman, Ron still has lots to learn.  We can see that he is an enthusiastic student and man of his word.




First Glance:

Luke is an early sell out, not that that surprises us.  On the campaign trail it was nearly impossible to ferret out where Malek actually stood on the issues. We suspected he was a Liberal and so far our initial assessment seems spot on. True to Liberal form, Malek has sold out the citizens of Idaho to the Insurance Company Cabal by orchestrating the passage of the Health Exchange legislation.

Over Heard – Malek Quotes:

“I don’t believe I am the answer. The people are the answer, and I will work to represent the People.” (Except when it comes to his Bud’s in the Insurance Industry…we got your number Little Lukee!)

“We have to protect the Insurance Companies.” (Malek made this comment, as confirmed by several sources, in a “closed door” meeting the day before the Health Exchange vote.)

“If we do it now, the feds have to pay.” (Um, excuse us Luke, but where do you think their money comes from? Can you spell D-U-N-C-E?)

Over Heard – His Colleagues:

“Malek and his gaggle of little hatchet boys need some choppin!”

“He’s no Ed Morse, thank God!”

“Luke’s got the conviction of a bowl of Milque Toast!”

“Luke Malek is one of my heroes in the legislature…” Betty Ann Henderson (What’s that old saying about “with friends like that…?)

Our Rating:

Well, this was a tough one, cause we don’t have a rating of “D” for Dunce or “L” for Liberal or Liar….(Hmmmm, new ratings perhaps????)

D- Luke, you’ve made a huge mistake in making your political bed with such an ugly Bed Spread…for a guy who wants a career as a politician Political Leech, you ain’t too bright!




First Glance:

We’ll it’s unanimous…Conservatives and Liberals agree that Ed is the laughing stock of the Freshman Class! We can’t help but think that Ed might be in the game for himself.  Shocked, you say… well Morse’s HB 104 would have boosted payments to property owners in condemnation proceedings for expenses, including lawyers and… drum roll please…appraisers like himself.

Over Heard – Morse Quotes:

“I thought that when we got into the issues of the bill that would be an appropriate place to make a disclosure [of conflict]”  (Morse never disclosed his conflict with his HB 104)

“What? Me worry?” (Just kidding…that was Alfred E. Newman…genetic relationship maybe…can you see it???)

Over Heard – Colleagues

“I wish somebody would put a bucket over his head so we didn’t have to listen to him and he could hear himself talk!”

“Is he for real? Are you kidding me?”

Our Rating:

We thought about “B” for Bone Head, but frankly we like the Bucket Head imagery better.

F- Failure and Farewell…he’s the surest bet to be gone in 2015

Question???: Ed claims to be a “Lawyer”, but has he ever passed the Bar Exam?  Conspiring minds want to know!

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